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How To Be A Police Officer In New Jersey

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Chief Matthew J Hitze Awarded Certification For Accredited Command Executive By The New Jersey State Association Of Chiefs Of Police

NJ wants police officers to be licensed

Chief Matthew J. Hintze has been awarded certification status for Accredited Command Executive-Chief of Police by The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police . Certification Status lasts for three years. At the end of that period, Command Executives and Chiefs of Police must show they have maintained the training and leadership standards since their initial award of certification.

On June 1, 2019, Matthew J. Hintze became the eleventh person appointed as the Chief of Police for the Borough of Fort Lee Police Department .

Chief Hintze was raised in the Borough of Fort Lee and attended Fort Lee Public Schools. After graduating from the Fort Lee High School, he attended Pace University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He attended the Rutgers University Certified Public Manager program and is currently enrolled at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he is pursuing a Masters degree in Administrative Science. Chief Hintze is an exempt member of the Fort Lee Fire Department and a life member of the Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Please click here to see the NJSACOP press release.

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Police Training Academies In New Jersey

The New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Police Training Commission is responsible for developing and enforcing police training standards in the state. The PTC certifies police academies, training materials, and instructors to ensure that all law enforcement officers receive adequate training for their responsibilities. Certified police academies in New Jersey include:

  • Atlantic County Police Training Center Egg Harbor Township, NJ
  • Camden County College Police Academy Blackwood, NJ
  • Division of Criminal Justice Training Academy Sea Girt, NJ
  • New Jersey State Police Academy Sea Girt, NJ
  • Ocean County Police Academy Lakewood, NJ
  • John H. Stamler Police Academy Scotch Plains, NJ

For a full list of approved police academies in New Jersey, see the NJPTC website.

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Do You Need To Go To College To Be A Cop In Nj

You must have a bachelors degree or a minimum of 90 credits and complete your bachelors degree before you take the written examination to become a police officer. You may also have an associates degree or 60 college credits plus at least 24 months of satisfactory employment or military experience.

New Jersey Police Exam

New Jersey State Police Officer Killed After Being Struck By Car ...

Becoming a police officer is one of the most popular career paths in law enforcement. As there is no unified police exam that is applied all over the US, each state has the right to choose the written exam for its candidates. When you start browsing the job openings, you need to keep in mind that some states have adopted a single police exam for all of their agencies, while others allow each department to select the written exam that they will use.

If you have decided to start your career as a police officer in the state of New Jersey, you need to be prepared to work in the most densely populated state in the country. New Jersey ranks as the fourth smallest state by area but the 11th most populous with a population of 9 million as of 2017. It is also the second-wealthiest U.S. state by median household income as of 2017, which makes it quite attractive as a place for working and living.

Basically, as a police officer candidate in this state, you will be faced with two police exam options the New Jersey Law Enforcement Exam designed by EB Jacobs and the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory designed by I/O Solutions. It is necessary to check with the agency that you are applying with to find out which of the two they use, and then and prepare accordingly. Still, it is better to be prepared for more exam options and apply with several departments as you then stand a better chance of employment.

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Anthony Varvaro 37 Who Was A Relief Pitcher For Six Major

Listen to article

A former Major League Baseball pitcher who became a Port Authority police officer was killed in a car crash in New Jersey on his way to work at a Sept. 11 ceremony, officials said.

Anthony Varvaro, 37 years old, who was a relief pitcher for six major-league seasons, was struck at 4:25 a.m. ET on Sunday on the New Jersey Turnpike in Jersey City, the New Jersey State Police said in a statement. He was driving to New York to work at a ceremony commemorating the

Corrections Officer Salary In New Jersey

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2012 the average corrections officer salary in New Jersey was $69,310. The median, however, was about 7% higher at $74,380. It was also noted that corrections officers in the 90th percentile averaged significantly more at $88,440.

In New Jersey, the highest paying area for corrections officers was the metropolitan division of Edison and New Brunswick. In this region, there was an average of $72,790, which was $34.99 per hour.

According to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, correction officers are paid a starting salary of $40,000 during the recruitment/training phase. The salary range thereafter for a senior correction officer is $44,039 to $80,395.

The following are the salaries of correctional officers throughout New Jersey, as provided by the U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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Featured Programs And Schools

Police officers are not just responsible for apprehending criminals and enforcing laws, they have a plenty of office work to do as well. Following are some of the major responsibilities of police officers:

  • Chasing criminals

The probationary period of police officers may last from six months to three years.

What Do Police Officers Do

Newark police officer indicted in fatal shooting of fleeing driver

Police officers are law enforcement professionals who protect property and people by enforcing laws and responding to emergency situations. Depending on their rank, officers perform various tasks to maintain order. Here are common job duties of police officers:

  • Patrol and monitor certain areas

  • Issue citations for traffic violations

  • Respond to emergency calls

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New Jersey Police Jobs Outlook

The average salary for New Jersey police officers was $83,570 in 2017.8 While a decrease of 1.5% in law enforcement positions in New Jersey is expected through 2026, the state should still see an anticipated annual average of 1,270 police openings due to replacements during that time frame.10 With high average salaries and a continuing need to hire police officers as current officers retire or leave the force, New Jersey can be a great place to start a career in police work.

For more information current law enforcement openings, take a look at our police jobs board.

Family Connected To Disturbance Speaks After Arvada Officer Is Killed In Shooting

New details emerged on Sunday night of what happened when a beloved Arvada police officer was shot and killed while trying to defuse a domestic situation early that morning. It was 27-year-old Officer Dillon Vakoff who died at a hospital after the overnight shooting, in spite of efforts by another officer, EMTs and medical staff to save him.

“Dillon is an example about everything that is good about a police officer,” said Chief Link Strate during a press conference. Vakoff was also a six-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

All through the day Sunday, people arrived outside of Arvada Police headquarters to bring flowers and mementos. Many were tearful. The police SUV parked out was nearly covered. “We need to stand behind the Arvada Police department. I mean they lost a great guy today,” said Randy Olson, himself a former police officer before leaving the force in Westminster years ago due to disability.

“These guys are well trained, and they care a lot. And now it’s getting even harder,” Olson added.

Vakoff and another officer arrived at a domestic dispute that had spilled out of a home in the 6700 block of West 51st Avenue at about 2 a.m.

“They arrived to a chaotic scene with multiple people in the street,” said Strate of the two officers.

Outside the police department, people were also remembering Officer Gordon Beesley, who was killed in an ambush in Olde Town in June of last year.

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New York Sheriff Deputy Requirements

There are 58 New York sheriffs, who may be elected or appointed depending on county laws.3 Unlike in most other states, the training of sheriffs and sheriffs deputies in New York is not overseen by the statewide police training board. Instead, training for county law enforcement is designed by the New York Sheriffs Association. For those looking to become a sheriffs deputy in New York, candidates must meet statewide requirements.

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Minimum Requirements To Become A Police Officer In New Jersey

  • A candidate should have a bachelors degree or have a minimum of 90 credits.
  • Should complete their degree on a specified date prior to written exams.
  • OR must have an associates degree or 60 college credits plus at least 24 months of military service or satisfactory employment.
  • OR 30 college credits or 24 months of active duty military service with an honorable discharge.
  • Must be at least 21 years old and must not be 35 years old prior to graduation.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must have a valid drivers license when the background investigations begin.
  • Important note: All college degree or credits should be from an accredited college or university.

    Newark New Jersey Corrections Officer Job Description

    The Essex County Department of Corrections has two facilities located in Newark:

    • The Essex County Juvenile Detention Center
    • The Essex County Correctional Facility
    • Designed to hold about 2,370 inmates

    Correctional officers that work for this agency ensure that the inmates are confined at a level secure enough to protect the public while allowing the prisoners to prepare for reintegration into the community.

    The high quality of care at the Essex County Correctional Facility has been demonstrated through rating, accreditation, and certification by various agencies. The New Jersey Department of Corrections Bureau of County Services issued a 100% compliance rating for the facility from 2007 to 2010.

    In addition, the National Commission on Correctional Health provided accreditation. The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities also certified the institution.

    Requirements and Application Process to Become a Correctional Officer in Newark

    Individuals seeking corrections officer jobs with Essex County must first take the New Jersey Civil Service Exam for county correction officers. The basic requirement to qualify to take the exam includes being a U.S. citizen who is at least 18 years old.

    The civil service exam for county correction officers is part of the Entry Level Law Enforcement exam. The state of New Jersey strongly advises prospective county correctional officers to study for the exam ahead of time. The state offers two study guides:

    • First aid and CPR

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    Paterson New Jersey Corrections Officer Job Description

    Video: Cop shouts, saves man from oncoming train

    The Passaic County Jail is under the direction of the Corrections Services Division of the Passaic County Sheriffs Office. Located in Paterson, it is the most secure county correctional facility in New Jersey with a motto of Security, custody, and control.

    Over 1000 prisoners are housed in the Passaic County Jail including the following:

    • People that are awaiting trial
    • Violators of probation, parole, and bail bond
    • Juveniles who are awaiting transfer to juvenile authorities
    • Mentally ill people who will be transferred to appropriate health facilities
    • Convicted persons who are:
    • Serving short-term sentences
    • Waiting for sentence by the state or execution of their sentence

    Correctional officers in Paterson are not only responsible for the security of inmates within the institution they also provide security while inmates are being transported. In addition, they supervise offenders when they are on outside work details.

    Some of the minimum-security inmates are assigned to teams that assist municipalities and public entities with projects such as landscaping, clean-ups, or painting. For instance, these inmates repaired potholes at no cost to taxpayers.

    Applying to Become a Correctional Officer at Passaic County Jail

    The first step to obtain a job as a corrections officer with the Passaic County Jail is to take the New Jersey Civil Service Exam. The requirements to be able to do this include the following:

    Training for Correctional Officers at Passaic County Jail

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    New York Police Jobs Outlook

    There are currently 46,940 police and sheriffs patrol officers in New York.1 The future of police careers in New York looks promising. According to 10-year growth estimates, the state should see 9.4% growth in law enforcement jobs through 2026.7 During this period, there will be an estimated 4,000 average annual openings.7 These job openings are expected to be due to growth as well as replacements.

    For more information current law enforcement openings, take a look at our police jobs board.

    What Is The Work Environment For Police Officers Like

    The work environment for police officers depends on their rank. Lower-ranking officers typically work outdoors, patrolling by foot or from their vehicles. Police detectives are higher-ranking officers who investigate crimes and usually work for a specific division, such as narcotics or theft. Detectives work in office settings and may travel to locations for their investigation. Other rankings of police officers include:

    • Chief of police

    • Police commissioner

    Police officers typically work with partners and interact with other officers to coordinate and collaborate for public safety. They work 40-hour weeks, but these hours may be morning, day or overnight hours. Many police forces operate on ten-hour swing shifts, meaning officers may work longer hours and have more days off than a typical work schedule.

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    Obtain A Ged Or High School Diploma

    Complete high school to earn a diploma or study and pass a GED exam so you’re eligible to be an officer. While in school, it may be useful to take courses that can prepare you for this career, such as gym classes or weight training, to strengthen your physical abilities and boost your stamina. Public speaking classes may help you develop better interpersonal skills to interact with the public as an officer. Taking part in sports, music, theater or other extracurricular may also help improve your people skills and stamina.

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