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How To Prepare For Police Exam

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How To Analyze X

Victoria Police Entrance Exam – Abstract Reasoning

X-Ray machines present images that are colored based on the density of the scanned items. The denser the material, the darker it will appear.

Blue represents dense materials, such as metal, hard plastics, and different parts of weaponry.

Green represents less dense materials such as plastics and alloys .

Orange represents the least dense material, which is mostly biological material.

Note that although most guns, knives and grenades are made of metal, they might come in different densities, thus appearing in the TSA exam as green or even orange!

There’s no flashlight in this X-ray scan.

Police Academy Fitness Test

Youve made the decision and went through the process to become a police officer. You have been selected and have been given a conditional offer of employment. In the offer you are required to pass the background investigation, pass a Physical Ability Test and finally complete a police academy. Here is an example of what to expect before the Police Academy Fitness Test.

You think to yourself, am I ready? Am I in great physical shape to pass the PAT and the police academy?

I have been a police officer for over 10 years, a detective, on a SWAT team and a Field Training Officer . I graduated the police academy in 2007 and it was physically demanding. It was a good thing I kept myself in peak physical condition because at the academy, they did not have time for those who werent in shape. One of the instructors yelled at us, YOU COME HERE IN SHAPE, WE DO NOT HOLD HANDS AND YOU WILL NOT PASS IF YOU DONT MAKE THE STANDARDS.

I am going to give you some pointers on how to prepare for the PAT and academy. Most physical fitness tests arent a secret. The standards are available online so it is up to you to prepare for them.

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Testing Your Observation And Memory

This type of question tests attention to detail, giving and identifying directions, and memorizing faces, objects, and directions. It entails spending a specified amount of time studying images, maps, or drawings and then answering various types of questions pertaining to them from memory afterward. Practicing in preparation is recommended because we do not answer these types of questions frequently.

We highly recommend you get a copy of Job Test Preps study guide in order to better understand what to expect from the exam itself. In this guide, youll learn what questions to expect. Another resource that can supply you with information is the police department to which you are applying.

Because the passing score is typically greater than 70%, answering 57 questions correctly will cause a score of 75 percent out of 75 questions. An excellent strategy to employ is to begin by answering the questions that you find easiest to answer and then moving on to the topics that demand more time. Youll be able to deliver more responses in less time. This will assist you in passing the police examination.

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Other Physical Fitness Test Events

Some departments administer a physical fitness test that consists of exercises that more closely mimic what an officer might do on the job. For example, the New York City Police Department requires candidates to complete six stations in under four minutes and 28 seconds. The stations include:

  • Sprinting 50 feet and getting over a 6-foot-tall barrier
  • A simulation of physically restraining a suspect
  • A 600-foot pursuit run
  • A rescue simulation that includes dragging a 176-pound dummy 35 feet
  • Pulling a trigger 16 times with the dominant hand and 15 with the non-dominant hand
  • The strength and cardio exercise plan will help you to achieve these events, but you may also want to add practice time into your workout schedule. For example, include stair climbing in your cardio workouts and practice dragging a dummy or sandbag to improve your agility.

    The Secret Service Test Sections

    Police Officer Exam Study Guide 2021
    • Section 1: Logic-Based Reasoning The logic test section is one of the sections that frustrates secret service candidates the most. It contains 12 passages, each of which describes a set of facts. Each passage is followed by one to four questions that are conclusion based on the set of facts presented in the passage. There are 30 questions that need to be answered in 40 minutes.Heres a few sample questions to give you a feel for the real logical questions youll face:

    1. All field agents hired in the last three years received advanced anti-terrorism training.

    Only field agents can receive advanced anti-terrorism training.

    Some field agents have not received advanced anti-terrorism training.

    Bob was hired last year as a field agent.

    Patricia has received advanced anti-terrorism training.

    Indicate whether the statement is True, False, or if there is Insufficient Information to draw a conclusion:

    Patricia was hired as a field agent within the last three years.

    The correct answer is Insufficient Information to Decide.

    According to the first statement, all field agents hired in the last three years received advanced anti-terrorism training.According to the fifth statement, Patricia has received advanced anti-terrorism training.

    However, since no information is provided as to whether field agents hired more than three years ago also could have received advanced anti-terrorism training the correct answer is Insufficient Information to Decide.

    1. Investigation Report

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    Canada Police Exam Preparation

    In Canada there are four different types of police officers. There are the Provincial Police, the Independent Police agencies, First Nations and Transit police. The RCMP is the provincial police, and in each Province, there may be independent police agencies. In order to join the RCMP or an independent police agency, you need to take an exam.

    Standard Hiring Requirements For Us Police Agencies

    Each state and county will have specific requirements for those wanting to apply for a position with their respective agency. Though you should check the hiring site for your county to ensure you know their requirements for hiring, here is a basic outline of typical hiring requirements:

    • Permanent U.S. residency
    • Minimum age of 21 years old
    • Residency in the applicable county and state
    • Valid drivers license
    • Ability to obtain a firearm license
    • Minimum level of college education, measured in credit hours or semester hours

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    Questions On The Police Written Exam

    Police Written Exam varies across the country

    Most police entry-level tests nowadays use multiple choice questions because they are easy to grade and remove any subjectivity. Reading and writing skills are most common. Having to write an essay is not common. Math is less common nowadays.

    The types of questions that may be found on most police exams are listed in the following paragraphs. Examples of each of these will be found in the Police Test Prep courses recommended on this site.

    Looking For The Best Police Test Prep Course

    Preparing for the Police Psychological (Hiring Psych) – CCS Test Prep®

    Best Police Test Prep Course

    If you are applying for a position in law enforcement, you will need to prepare to pass a wide variety of tests including the: Police Written Exam, Polygraph, Psych Exam and Oral Interview. Learn why PoliceExam911 by Sgt. George Godoy has earned the highest customer satisfaction ratings as measured by ShopperApproved.

    Sgt. Godoy also offers a wide variety of of 5-star prep courses for specific topics like Mastering the Polygraph, the Psych Exam, the Oral Interview and more. Visit his store here.

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    Workouts To Prepare You For The Police Department Physical Ability Test

    Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

    Military Fitness, Law Enforcement and Firefighters

    In my last article, I talked about what it will take for aspiring police officers to pass the Physical Qualification Test or the Physical Ability Test . You will train for the test once youve entered the academy, but if you want to have a leg up before you even arrive, you should spend some extra time preparing. In order to pass, youll need to train with a workout plan tailored to the demands of the test.

    This workout plan is comprised of four sessions per week, and you should give yourself a minimum of six weeks training before test day. Then, rest for the four days preceding the exam to ensure your body is 100% ready to go. Additionally, these workouts mimic the movements you will be doing during the PQT or PAT so you can maximize your performance.

    After warming up, perform the workout in numerical order. Perform any numbers you see paired up as a superset . Try to get all four workouts completed within a week and do not mix the sequence of workouts, do workouts one through four in order.

    Workout 2

    1.5-Mile Run Time yourself. The maximum time you have to run this course on test day will be around fourteen minutes. Keep a steady pace throughout, and push yourself to pick up the pace for the final quarter mile. Try to work down to eleven minutes or lower, so that even if test day is an off day for you, youll still have an easy time passing.

    Workout 4

    Tips For Reading Comprehension Questions

    • Read the questions before the passage. This will help you understand what you should be looking for in the text.
    • Choose the easiest questions first. For example a question asking what a word means in the given context or a question asking how two statements are related.
    • Dont try to assume anything outside of the text. Everything you need to answer each question can be found within the passages themselves. Disregard any answer that is not supported by the text.
    • For ‘True/False/Cannot Say’ questions, if you are having trouble answering any question, the most likely answer will be ‘cannot say’.


    The correct answer is .

    Imperious means “domineering in a haughty manner dictatorial overbearing,” so the antonym is subservient. Arrogant is a similar word but not a synonym. Quiet and stormy are not related.

    Therefore, the correct answer is subservient.

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    What Does The Civil Service Police Officer Exam Include

    Each state has its own police written test, and the topic and length of the questions are different. If the police department is large or small, the exam provider may be different. State-run Peace Officer Standards & Training offers one of the more common exams, the POST. Some law enforcement agencies employ or design their own tests, some of which are established by third-party companies.

    No matter whos prepared for the exam, the test aims for:

    • Reading Comprehension

    We can conclude that the written test assesses fundamental intelligence, and applicants are tested on their understanding of 12th-grade material. Many test-takers make the mistake of assuming you either know it or you dont.

    As a result, they never study for the exam, which is why so many of them fail. Knowing what to expect and getting plenty of practice answering questions will help you perform better on test day and pass the police exam.

    Qualifications For Joining A Police Academy

    Police Test Study Guide 2020 and 2021 : Police Officer Exam Preparation ...

    Individuals who join the police academy come under different circumstances. Some recruits attend the academy after being hired by a local PD, while others will put themselves through the academy. In the case where recruits arent sponsored by a local police department, they will be responsible for all accrued cost, and payments for training. For that reason, self sponsorship isnt all that popular in many states.

    For those who are hired by a local agency, and then sent to the academy, they will not incur any costs, plus they will receive a salary during training. However, the department may demand that you fulfill their police academy requirements before getting admission. Some of these requirements include:

    • Aged above 21 years
    • Clean background and character check
    • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
    • Have a valid drivers license

    While what I have indicated are the typical requirements for joining a police academy, it is important to note as I mentioned earlier that requirement vary from state to state. For instance, the police academy age requirements for the Rhode Island State Police and, the Detroit Police Department is 18 years.

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    What Is Being Assessed

    The police psychological exam assesses candidates across a range of personality traits and tendencies that are relevant to working as a police officer.

    It does not use an academic pass rate, such as the generally accepted 70% pass for the police entrance exam. Instead, success in the police psychological exam relies on exhibiting the correct personality fit for a career in law enforcement.

    The following personality traits and tendencies are likely to be assessed in the exam:

    Mindset For Police Civil Service Exam

    Approach the test with confidence and a desire to succeed. Get plenty of rest the night before the exam. Eat a good breakfast so you will have enough energy to sit through the exam and put forth your best mental and physical efforts.

    Consistently eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol several days before the test may also boost performance.


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    Important Things To Know About The Police Psych Test:

    Police personality exams are comprised of short statements, each followed by a five-point agreement scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

    • Length: around 100 Questions
    • Duration: around 15 minutes.
    • Format: Questions on the police personality exam are standardized and formatted as either paper & pencil or computer-based.
    • Tip: Look carefully at the response order, as some tests place strongly agree first and other exams place it last.

    Our preparation pack helps you learn how to best represent your attitudes and behaviors, ensuring that you match up to law enforcement professionals.

    Whats Covered In Academy Training

    What Questions will be Asked on Police Written Exam

    Local agencies, such as the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training, dictate the level of training required to become a police officer in their region. Academy training includes a blend of classroom and practical training. Youll take classes in firearms, first aid, criminal law, emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, and investigations. At the same time, youll learn about department processes for procedures like arrests and reports.

    Most programs will include specialized training, based on the location. For example, departments in large metro areas may train on counterterrorism, riot control, and bomb squad. In addition, other programs may focus on community policing, problem-solving, and patrolling.

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    How To Pass The Police Officer Exam

    Our preparation packs are customized to mimic the actual exam and to better help you prepare for it. They include score reports, study guides, and answer explanations to help you better understand your results.

    To excel on your police written exam, start practicing our free police sample questions on this page and then get our accurate preparation pack.

    How To Prepare For A Us Police Exam

    Preparing for U.S. Police Exams might sound complicated thanks to the wide variation in tests and hiring requirements. Thats why you should trust a company that knows the assets that work best for your specific testing state JobAssessmentHelp.

    We have practice tests and materials for the potential police recruits of all states in the U.S. From mathematics and reading comprehension, to skills like writing reports and memorizing crime scene photos, we have the materials you need to enhance your skills so youre completely ready for whichever police exam you end up taking. If you are facing a U.S. Police Exam, check out the test prep materials on!

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    Reduce Your Risk Of Failing The Polygraph Or Cvsa

    Make a good first impression for you Police Polygraph Exam

    Make A Good First Impression

    Your examiner’s subjective opinion about you may influence the outcome of your Polygraph/CVSA interrogation. Look your best. Make sure you’re clean shaven and have a conservative haircut. Dress professionally, polish your shoes. If you’re a woman, dress conservatively.

    Be friendly. Smile, but don’t overdo it. Keep good eye contact with your examiner, but don’t stare. Your examiner may interpret avoidance of eye contact as a sign of deception. Answer questions directly with confidence and without hesitation – but be natural.

    Don’t Be Late

    If you’re late you’ll instantly make a bad impression. Your examiner may think being late is a subconscious attempt to avoid the exam – increasing his suspicion of you even before he asks his first question.

    Learn how to PASS the Polygraph.

    You’ll Be Judged on Your Appearance and Demeanor

    The moment you arrive for your Polygraph or CVSA, your examiner will be observing you. The interrogation room itself may be equipped with a two-way mirror or a concealed video camera. It may not be easy but try to avoid looking nervous. You might consider bringing something to read or otherwise keep yourself productively occupied while waiting.

    The Pre-Test Interview

    Be polite and cordial. Answer your examiner’s questions directly, but remember to make no admissions during this time that are not already in your application.

    Keep your Answers Short

    Topics Covered In The Police Written Exam

    Norman Hall

    As previously mentioned, the content and length of the police written exam may vary across the country. The test may be developed/provided by your states Peace Officer Standards & Training Board, the department you are applying to, or a third party. Regardless, the tests generally address similar subjects.

    Some of the topics the police written exam will likely include are:

    • Reading comprehension

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    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Every Province has provincial police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police . The RCMP covers the areas in which the other detachments do not. For the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon, there is only the RCMP which covers the federal, territorial, city/municipal and First Nations policing services. To become a RCMP you need to take a written exam. Learn more about the RCMP Entrance Exam.

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