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What Is The Best Police Scanner On The Market

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Best Budget: Uniden Bc365crs

Whistler TRX-2 vs. Uniden SDS100 Police Scanner: Which Has Better Receive?
  • Somewhat old school

The Uniden BC365CRS is a 500 Channel Scanner that also serves as an alarm clock, an AM/FM radio, and FM broadcast radio, and a weather alert device. It includes 500 channels in 10 Banks, so you can search police and fire bands, as well as aircraft, amateur radio, and marine transmissions.

The BC365CRS takes three AA batteries, and it includes an antenna and AC adapter in the package. This is designed as a tabletop scanner, so its not the best option to take with you on the go.

The reception will depend somewhat on your geographic area and the type of transmissions youre attempting to receive. Most users say they receive clear audio with police, fire, weather, and radio transmissions, but this is a basic, analog, non-trunking scanner, so it may not be able to pick up transmissions from some agencies. Its best to check the compatibility against the local agencies in your area.

Whistler Ws1040 Radio Scanner Review

One of the finest handheld scanners or police scanners from Whistler, the WS1040, comes equipped with the Skywarn Storm Spotter feature. And what is that supposed to be? This feature will allow you to access all frequencies that storm spotter agencies use.

So, the WS1040 is a great device that should accompany you when you are going for trekking, hiking, etc.

This model from Whistler includes the digital AGC feature that instantly compensates for low user audio levels, putting the WS1040 ahead of other digital systems that are often plagued by the problem of low user audio levels.

Also, you can arrange frequencies in a way you want so that you can access them quicker and faster. For quick access to police band or fire band or ambulance band, you can use the pre-programmed settings.

This scanner also comes with Motorola P25 Phase I capabilities. One interesting feature that you should know is that while scanning if you find a frequency, you can lock it out and continue scanning in the same band. This means that the device will not scan the same frequency again.

WS1040 is capable of scanning 1,800 frequencies, and you can directly jump to the frequency you have already found! Programming the device is relatively easy. However, you will need a computer for programming this thing.


Police Scanner Buying Guide

Tracking local events with police scanners has been a popular hobby for many years. Beyond the entertainment and gossip you can get out of such a device, a police scanner can be an invaluable security tool. By tuning into the frequencies of your local emergency services, you can keep one step ahead of crime incidents, traffic accidents, fires and severe weather events even before news outlets report them.

Its worth noting that some of these devices have a steep learning curve. Even seasoned users sometimes face complications, especially when they purchase a new model. If youve never used one before, it may take some trial and error to program and maximize its detection capabilities in your area.

Also, you should know that most of the programming software for scanners is made for Windows. So, if you dont own a computer with a Windows operating system , programming or updating the police scanner might prove to be difficult.

There are, however, professionals who will program the scanner for you , based on your location. In addition to independent scanner radio programming services, the scanner manufacturer Uniden will program a scanner at a cost of $40 to $100.

These are the main factors to take into account when shopping for a police scanner:

Model type. There are two types of police scanners: base and handheld.

Base models usually cost $300 or more and are meant to be used mainly in home settings. Some can also be mounted in vehicles.

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Scanner Sdr Antenna By Super Antenna

Now, this is a telescopic antenna and this antenna is also used in those so if you are looking for the best indoor police scanner antenna then this ones for you..!! The best thing about this product is that it comes with a tripod so you dont need to worry much about its placements. I am not only this but this product is smartly designed so that it can be used both indoor as well as outdoor so you dont need to worry much about it if you are looking for outdoor antenna then to you can buy it and if you are looking for indoor antenna then also you can buy it..!! also you can deploy it anywhere you want it may be a table, a desk or simply put it on the floor..!! This scanner is compatible with all the scanners with SDR.!! This canal receives frequency from all the directions and all the distances..!! This scanner can monitor 20MHz to 100 MHz, 100 MHz to 300 MHz, 300 MHz to 1.3 GHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and everything in between.

Uniden Bcd536hp Police Scanner

Best Police Scanner 2020
  • Pre-programmed with radio channel database
  • Allows location scanning through ZIP code and GPS coordinates
  • Requires little to no user programming
  • S.A.M.E. compatible

Uniden is back again with its BCD536HP base unit, part of their HomePatrol Series police scanners. This particular product is a base/mobile model which is more suitable for use onboard vehicles and at home, and as such require a power outlet nearby or a DC socket in a vehicle.

The BCD536HP exceeds expectations with a balanced affair of high-end features and user-friendly reliability. There is no need to program the scanner aside from inputting your location to let the BCD536HP scan for relevant channels to save. This makes the product a good fit for people who need a police scanner for work, but have not yet had much experience in programming radios.


  • Features Wi-Fi connectivity for remote home and vehicle operation
  • Wide digital and analogue signal compatibility including majority of emergency, disaster, and police channels
  • Automatically configures listenable channels based on location
  • Good feature set and user-friendliness


  • Product is quite dated, although still has good support
  • Base/mobile model cannot be taken out without a power source

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Uniden Bcd436hp Homepatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner

If youre interested in a handheld digital police scanner, the Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner is a great option to consider. As mentioned, Uniden is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of communication and tracking devices, including car GPS, , and motorcycle GPS devices among other high quality products, so you know you can be sure that the BCD436HP handheld digital police scanner is durable and reliable.

This digital police scanner features both USA-based and Canadian-based radio databases, so you can use it in either country to receive up to the minute news and information. Outfitted with an enhanced dynamic memory, you can control the size of your banks so that you can save as much space as possible. It also offers both narrowband reception and location-based scanning, so youll always get the latest breaking news.

With SAME weather alerts, you can stay current with the latest news and weather information in your area and make plans as necessary when a storm is in the forecast. This device features TrunkTracker V, which allows you to tune in to a range of trunked systems.

What We Like About It

  • SAME weather alerts allow you stay current with the weather in your area
  • Enhanced dynamic memory controls the bank size to conserve space
  • Features Close Call RF Capture Technology
  • TrunkTracker, which allows you to tune into various trunked systems
  • GPS compatible

Q: Why Is The Police Scanner Public

Police retain the right to withhold information that can impact an ongoing investigation which, in the past, led to encrypted frequencies . However, when different emergency departments tried to coordinate, these encrypted channels proved to be a risk. Most remain public to ensure open access during a time of crisis.

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Uniden Sr30c Compact Handheld Scanner

Uniden is one of the leading companies that produce reliable and high-quality radio scanners. These radio scanners are a market favorite owing to its portability and ease of access. Find out why it stands out.

During these uncertain times, where our safety is constantly challenged, radio scanners help by providing us with a reliable communication tool. Uniden builds their radio scanners as versatile as possible so you can easily weave through difficult situations without dropping it.

Its compact design provides the sturdiness it needs, so it does not break easily.

The best part of this radio scanner is its features. It has a Close Call RF Capture technology, which allows you to conveniently navigate nearby radio transmissions. It has ten channel storage banks, which can be stored with up to fifty frequencies each bank.

All these attributes are available at your service if you think this is the radio scanner for you.

  • Close Call RF Capture receives nearby signals in a breeze.
  • Comes with ten service banks storing up to 50 frequencies each
  • First-time users may find it a little complicated.

Q: How Far Away Will My Scanner Pick Up

Best Police Scanner of 2017 | Comparison

In theory, you should be able to pick up a signal from thousands of miles away, if the broadcast has sufficient power. In reality, many frequencies are Line of Sight i.e. they dont go over the horizon. This is especially true of police and fire in urban settings, where the signal may not need to travel the vast distances covered by very rural emergency services. As an average, and it will depend on the type of radio systems being used by your local police, expect about 25 to 50 miles of a signal picked up from your location.

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Sirio Antenna Sirio Sd 3000 Antenna

The next one in a list is a base station antenna which is Omnidirectional and it has gained popularity worldwide. This antenna is also the best police scanner antenna for outdoors. This antenna is extremely suitable for scanners used for transmission capability in several bands. The best part of this antenna is that it offers perfect protection against the worst weather conditions whether its rain stormy and anything else. This antenna has the frequency range of RX band which is from 300 to 3000 megahertz and the TX band which is from 342 545-960, 1180-1380, 1660-1910, 1980-3000 MHz. Also, this antenna covers the frequency range of 300 to 3000 megahertz and it has the broadband concept due to which it suits all types of scanners and monitors applications. Also, it has a white band antenna which is made up of stainless steel chromed brass and anodized Aluminium this means that there are no chances of the allied getting rusted.along with this it is easy to fit and can be installed very easily anywhere you want.

Whistler Ws 1025 Police Scanner


Looking for a police scanner for the bunker in your basement or one for your nightstand? The Whistler WS 1025 is an analog model that gives users complete control over scanning the airways. You can dial this police scanner in to be incredibly efficient by using the lock-out feature which omits any frequencies that are dead air. You can also set priority channels, which will jump back to the channel and check it every two seconds. But if you really want to go deep into the programming, you can use your PC to help program scan, and even backup your data.

Pros: Small, compact design thats perfect for keeping on your desk, easy to set priority channels and can hook up to your PC for deeper scanning.

Cons: Antennae may have trouble picking up a signal in your area, depending on where you live.

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Uniden Digital Mobile Scanner

This product is one of the most dynamic scanners that come with a digital decoding system. It guarantees to meet your needs and demands, especially for public safety.

If you like a mobile scanner radio with an extensive range of available channels, this product is for you. A Uniden scanner offers countless public stations for you to choose from. Aside from that, you could also store these channels with its radical dynamic storage system. With this device, keeping track of your ideal channels is a breeze.

One remarkable thing about this VHF scanner is that it utilizes first-rate support for digital structures, such as the newest APCO scheme that includes a second phase system. This feature allows for a more functional digital scanner that gives you access to superior spectral efficiency.

This wide range of available frequency is made possible through a 6.25kHz-equivalent network bandwidth.

Staying updated with your local weather news report would also be a lot easier. Thanks to this radio scanner NOAA climate access and S.A.M.E. weather alarms that give recent and detailed weather reports. To further specify, it would keep you knowledgeable of severe weather circumstances that may occur within your location.

  • Comes with a dynamic memory bank for easier channel tracing
  • APCO scheme gives superior digital structure support.
  • Offers more frequency with 6.25kHz network bandwidth
  • NOAA scanner informs about upcoming harsh weather conditions.
  • Difficult to program for beginners.

Why Do You Need A Police Radio Scanner

Best Police Scanner 2017

A police radio scanner will let you listen to local emergencies in your area, first-hand! Be it a natural disaster, a freeway accident, a criminal manhunt, or a crime in progress you get to learn about everything. On top of that, these scanners will let you know about weather conditions, traffic situations, road conditions, etc. so that you can stay prepared. These scanners are a vital tool for those who spend most of their time commuting on the road.

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Why Have A Police Scanner

The simple answer to this question is, if you want to have a police scanner, then why the heck not? As well explore in more detail below, providing you are using it properly it is entirely legal to own and uses a scanner so again, if you want one, then get one.

Many people, as well discuss below, want a scanner for professional reasons. Many people however simply enjoy listening to the action on a police and fire scanner. It can really give you a better understanding your local community as well as the work of the dedicated men and women who go out there to protect it.

Top Rated Police Scanner Futureproofing

We dont know if you are aware, but radios around the world are going through a change. The way in which they broadcast is different. In the past, we would use analog signals. This was great and all, but it was time for technology to move on. We needed something better. Enter digital.

If you pick up an analog radio nowadays, you are getting something that is just useless. You may be able to use it for a couple of years still, depending on where you live, but analog signals are being phased out. Yep. Police budgets are being spent on something useful for once.

The Whistler TRX-2 is a digital radio scanner. This means that it picks on those new-fangled digital radio signals. Since digital is the future, this is the exact type of radio that you need. The Whistler TRX-2 can pick up on all the main digital radio systems. Far more than similar digital radio scanners on the market. Basically, you will have more listening options available to you.

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Uniden Home Patrol Ii Scanner

Like we said before, Uniden is the only company whose products stand out most to us. These scanners use both 1 and 2 phase frequencies and can connect to hundreds at a time. What we find most outstanding about this specific model is that it offers a record and replay option.

So if you hear something very important , you can record it and broadcast it at your own convenience.

Apart from that, the regular stuff is still there. There are S.A.M.E and NOAA weather alerts which you can connect with to listen to any emergency info. The Uniden Home Patrol II is great for people who want to stay vigilantly informed from the comfort of their own homes.

The device can even be mounted on a vehicle, so you can get updates while on the go. This scanner can connect to any and all unencrypted, non-propriety signals, including Motorola, LTR, APCO-25, and even EDACS.

Recent models of police scanners have a touch-operated screen, and so does the Uniden Home Patrol II. The touchscreen is pretty responsive, although there might be a slight lag in some places. With fresh batteries, the Home Patrol II can run for about 6 hours before shutting down.

Our rating:

  • Not very durable may break, lose signals, and stop working.
  • Battery life is lower as compared to other Uniden devices.

Uniden 500 Channel Scanner

Best Police Scanner of 2020 | Top 4 Police Scanners

What We Liked: If youre looking for a police scanner that has all the bells and whistles, consider this Uniden 500 Channel Scanner. Not only does this scanner feature an astounding 500 channels, but it also dazzles with weather alerts and a built-in FM radio. Youll even have the ability to save your favorite frequencies with this model for quick tuning during future uses.

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Helpful Handheld Police Scanner Features

Once you have your police scanner, you will quickly realize how complex it is to operate. This is partially due to the difficulty of programming the scanner to take full advantage of all features, but it’s also due to the number of frequencies out there today.

You can buy frequency books that will tell you about many of the frequencies available, but there are many that haven’t been detected or that just aren’t in the book. This makes a scan feature invaluable. It will scan for all frequencies within a given range of your current location.

Memory is also important because it allows you to store your favorite frequencies for fast tuning at a later time. You may also want to look for a radio that will record a frequency and then play it back if you miss something important.

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