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How To Shine Police Boots

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What Is The Best Shoe Polish For Tactical Boots

How To Shine Police Boots

We have selected the top 3 shoe polishes on the market for your choice. All of them are very famous for polishing leather.


As for the top choice of polish, I highly recommend Kiwi polish for its popular and practical side.

Kiwi brand is absolutely no strange name for boot leather care. It can be said that Kiwi polish is a must-have item in the military, or when you do hard work that your boots get dirty easily.

As the name implied, the Kiwi Parade Gloss can give your boots the spit-shine as you wish .

On the price point, Kiwi products are highly appreciated.

Talking about leather polish, many people would think of Kiwi polish first as it is a great companion for leather boots!

Alternatively, Angelus is also highly recommended by many users. Besides Kiwi, Angelus is one of the favorite polishes for tactical boots.

Above all, it outweighs the Kiwi polish in some aspects.

Firstly, it gets dry faster than Kiwi. Angelus can take 2-3 minutes to dry while Kiwi 5-6 minutes because Kiwi is more oily than Angelus polish.

The other advantage is that this high-quality polish is good at protecting your tactical boots from scruff. It makes your boots rich in color and doesnt discolor them.

However, it just brings you an adequate shine, not a very high gloss like the Saphir.


Saphir, a premium brand, brings the best experience for the wear.

Choosing Police Work Boots

With so many options of police footwear on the market, it can be difficult to select which boots are appropriate and allowed for each line of police work. Although state and department policies may differ, there are a few characteristics to look for when matching public safety or police officer boots with uniform class.

How To Polish Boots

This article was co-authored by Penny Simmons. Penny Simmons is a Shoe Care Specialist and the Founder of Penny Loafers Shoe Shine Company Inc. in Toronto, Canada. With over 25 years of experience, Penny specializes in shoe cleaning and shining. Penny offers shoe shining at special events, kiosks in Torontos underground city, The PATH, and drop-off services. Penny Loafers Shoe Shine Company also operates the oldest shoeshine parlor in Canada. Penny Loafers Shoe Shine Company has been featured in Best of The City – Toronto Life, Saturday Night Magazine, National Post, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star. This article has been viewed 58,231 times.

Whether you are performing routine maintenance or reviving your favorite pair of leather boots, knowing the correct way to polish them will have them looking almost brand-new in no time. By collecting all of the necessary materials, following the proper polishing procedure, and adding a finishing mirror shine heads will be turning to check out your polished kicks.

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Another Method To Polish Tactical Boots: Using Horsehair Brushes With A Heat Gun

Note: Use the little applicator horsehair brush to rub the shoe polish, while the big horsehair shine brush to clean and shine your tactical boots.

The application is similar to the method above. But as we said, you can replace the cloth with the horsehair brush in some steps.

To put it simply, the order of polishing is similar to the above method. Well tell you in detail below.

Step 1. Prepare your tools like above. But if you are confident in using a lighter, add it to the list.

Step 2. Clean your tactical boots like above, but you can use the horsehair shine brush to rub and clean your boots thoroughly.

Step 3. Instead of the cloth, use the little applicator brush to take an adequate amount of the shoe polish.

Then rub all over the boots and repeat this step 3-4 times. Similar to what we guide above, each layer should have time to dry.

Step 4. Brush the top layer of the polish in short strokes, just brush slightly. While doing this, you can see your boots are a bit shiny.

Continue to use the shine brush to apply the polish again, then brush the top layer again.

Repeat these steps again and again until you feel like your boots have enough layers .

Your tactical boots should have thick layers since you are going to use a heat gun to finish polishing.

Step 5. Use a heat gun to hover around boots to melt the polish down. Until you see your boots get wet, then you can stop.

Wrap the cloth around the two fingers, and rub the leather in a circular motion.

How To Do It The Steps Per Se


As you want to get best results at the end of polishing, here are the steps to follow:

  • Prepare your tactical boots
  • You cannot get that perfect polish finish unless you have the proper foundation. You should prepare the boots with removing the dirt, dust and debris from the sole and the upper part of your boots. Use the horsehair brush for this step, but go gently on your boots. Stay away from the synthetic bristles as much as you can as they may scratch your boots surface. Use back-and-forth gentle motion for brushing the particles that need to go away.

  • Put on the base coat
  • Not all tactical boots come with a base coat, in which case you need to go over the next steps:

    • Use small and circular motions for applying a thick layer of polish. A soft cloth is going to be good.
    • Give the base coat 15 minutes or so until it completely dries.
    • Use a dry and clean cotton cloth to get rid of the excess polish. use vigorous moves and keep in mind that youre not getting the great shine just yet. The base coat is only supposed to fade out the uneven spots and bumps, getting the boot ready for the spit-finish later on.
    • Allow the base coat to dry for 5 minutes.
  • Start polishing your tactical boots
  • In order to get best results, you may want to go over the next steps:

    You should switch continuously between your boots so that you get 6 or 7 coats of polish with the dampened cloth. The more youre applying, the more the hazy shine of the boot is going to get glossier.

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    Heres What You Need In The First Place

    In order to get that perfectly polished look on your duty boots if youre in the military or law enforcement, you need to prepare your tools too.

    Give a thought about where youre going to do it as you do need plenty of room for the hole process. As things may get messy too, its better to get within reach a towel, an old bedsheet or a rag for covering your workspace. You dont want to add cleaning to your daily task.

    Heres what you need to prepare:

    • Polishing cloths
    • Cotton balls or some cotton-tipped applicators
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Was shoe polish
    • Shine brush. You should try get the brush made of horsehair as the chances for it to damage your boots are rather slim.

    Keep in mind that you may also get some leather care kits that come with instant wax, boot brush and even conditioning saddle soap. They all come in a comfy case that makes travelling very easy.

    Clean Your Tactical Boots

    First of all, you should remove all the laces so you can clean and polish the tongue of tactical boots.

    Use a cloth and leather cleaner to clean your tactical boots.

    Clean the whole boots, even the tongue, the sole and every nook and cranny of tactical boots.

    If your boots get a lot of dirt and grime, check out the thorough cleaning guide here!

    If your tactical boots still have the old polish, you can strip it off with a heat gun/a hair dryer and a wiping cloth.

    This makes your boots ready for a completely new glossy look.

    To remove the old polish, move the heat gun around the old polish to melt it down. Then use the cloth to wipe clean the boots.

    You should wipe carefully to make sure the tactical boots are clean. Im sure that you dont want to have the new polish on the dirty surface, right?

    Once you see the leather is dull, then youve finished!

    Note: when cleaning, pay attention to hard-to-reach and easily dirty areas. Cleaning is the most important step before doing anything else!

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    Some Tips For The Road

    Its important to have a smooth foundation with a thick base coat, especially if youre aiming for the mirror shine. Not skipping any of the steps is going to help you get the perfect shine for your tactical boots.

    However, some tips are essential for successful polishing every single time:

    • Always work with a thin layer of polish.
    • Try to use only circular and small motions every time
    • Keep in mind that the first shine is always the most difficult to achieve. Once you have the solid base coat, the whole process is only going to get easier and faster.

    What Will These Boots Show Me


    Certainly Ill see some of the worst of humanity things most people will never comprehend. Im also going to see extraordinary acts of kindness and compassion in these boots actions that will remind me of what were fighting to keep sacred.

    The soles of these boots are pristine, having never been placed on the ground, but in time theyre going to step in blood, urine, vomit and feces. They are also going to step on sandy beaches and mountain tops. Theyre going to step into an elementary school classroom of kids who think Im a superhero. Ill do my best to uphold that image.

    These boots are going to walk into countless homes where strangers will tell me their darkest secrets and their biggest fears. They will recount horrors and, in that retelling, we will forever entwine our paths, even if we never consciously recognize it. They will tell me things theyve never told another person.

    These boots will step into my own home as I sneak off to wish my family a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and maybe even a happy birthday as I work a holiday shift. A crease is going to form in the top of the leather, right across the toe where the boot will fold as I kneel down to greet my son eye-to-eye.

    If theyre like my last two pairs, theyll be the boots Im wearing when I find out a loved one has died too far away for me to be of any support.

    Will these boots help to keep me standing upright when everyone else in the room is collapsing to the floor? Im going to need the help.

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    What Are Police Uniform Classes

    Uniform classification is common in the military and police, and its typically broken down into three groups: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Uniforms are used to promote cohesion, but they can also communicate position, rank, and specialty. Needless to say, the uniform doesnt stop with clothing police work boots are also an important consideration for the job at hand.

    How To Spit Shine Boots

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    Shiny boots are an essential part of looking sharp and put together in your formal military uniform or other formal uniform. Spit shine your boots to give them a highly glossy finish that complements the rest of your uniform and gear. This shows that youve put in the time and effort to really look your best for the occasion. You dont need a lot of supplies to get the job doneand you dont actually need to use spit. Just be prepared to use some elbow grease and be patient. Soon enough, those boots of yours will be all spiffed up!

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    Police Class A Uniform And Footwear Options

    Class A uniforms can come in a formal and everyday style. The formal Class A police uniform is typically a coat made of dark wool or a wool blend with detail and ornamentation, and matching uniform pants with a striped leg. The stripe down the leg is a sign of officer rank. These uniforms are typically worn for special occasions, ceremonies, receptions, and funerals.

    Pairing police officer boots with the Class A formal uniform is pretty simple and will typically require high-shine poromeric footwear. Ideally, youll want a black shoe or boot with a more formal appearance, aka a shiny toe. You cant go wrong with an Oxford-style shoe or even a classic 8 boot with a polished toe.

    Tips For The Best Results

    Army boot toe cap shine easy (cheat)

    Below are some key tips to achieve the best results when shining your boots:

    • The reason to use a wet cloth is to stop the fine coats of polish sticking to the cloth and to encourage the polish to stick to the leather.
    • You want to keep on building up thin layers of wax until you have a completely smooth surface that gives the glossy shine.
    • After the first heavy coat of polish, you must use small amounts of polish to build up the shine. If you use too much polish, it will dissolve the base you have already built up.
    • T-shirts work well for the cloth material, as do cloth diapers.
    • Some people prefer to use rubbing alcohol instead of water.

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    Tip: If You See Flakes Of Polish

    The only other time you may need a lighter is after you get many layers on and the wax is starting to flake off while you are polishing on a new layer. Typically this flaking will cause little small rolls of hard wax to scratch your boot while you polish and create a very frustrating experience for you. If this is happening try melting the wax on again and that tends to get rid of the hard excess wax flakes.

    How To Shine Tactical Boots

    Police, military service members, and other tactical operators are expected to sport mirror-finish tactical boots. Even if you aren’t required to shine your tactical shoes, there’s nothing more polished than a spit-shine finish. The experts at 5.11 Tactical® weighed in to create this easy, step-by-step guide on how to shine tactical boots for formal events and daily wear so you can always put your best foot forward.

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    How To Polish Or Shine Tactical Boots Properly

    To summarize, there are 5 steps to polish tactical boots.

    1/ Prepare your tools: get a complete cleaning and polishing kit

    2/ Clean your boots: carefully clean your boots to remove all the dirt, grime, dust.

    3/ Build the base layers: apply 3-4 layers of polish on the surface in a circular motion. Let each layer sit for 2 minutes.

    4/ Polish your tactical boots: apply and rub the polish until you see the right shine

    5/ Buff them: make tactical glossy by buffing them and you can finish the polish process.

    How Often Should Boots Be Shined

    How To Polish Boots (Fire, Police, Military)

    To avoid wear and tear on your combat boots, it’s recommended to shine them at least every other day. If you can make it a nightly routine, that’s favorable. If you are using these boots daily and getting them wet and dirty, you will find that daily gloss will help protect them. Having boots that shine like a mirror out in the field is not operationally sound, so make sure you have a field pair that does not reflect light and an inspection pair to be seen in public.

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    Supplies Youll Use To Spit

    First and foremost, prepare your workspace because it might get messy. Find some room to work, keeping in mind that the process can get messy. Grab some old towels, old bedsheets, or rags and cover the surface to protect against unforeseen catastrophe.

    Thereafter, gather your supplies. Youll need:

    #1. Rubbing alcohol

    #2. Polishing cloths

    #3. Shine brush

    #4. Wax shoe polish

    #5. Cotton-tipped applicators and cotton balls

    The Step-By-Step Process To Shine Your Tactical Boots

    Shine Tactical Shoes

    Why Do We Need To Polish Tactical Boots

    Tactical boots can withstand many harsh conditions and get dirty after a long time of use.

    To make your tactical boots new again, the basic steps are to clean, condition and polish them.

    Besides restoring the shiny look, polishing your tactical boots will keep them durable and avoid cracking or flaking so that they can serve you well and stay with you for a very long time.

    Notably, some shoe polish can make your tactical boots waterproof and create an anti-dirt coating.

    Moreover, the shiny boots would flex the light in every move. Who doesnt love to wear spit-shine boots?

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    Guide To Life: Treat Your Boots Like Royalty

    Youve finally done it you beat the living shit out of your beautiful new boots. Yes, it was painful at first , but in the end it felt fulfilling, like the right thing to do.

    Youve finally done it you beat the living shit out of your beautiful new boots. Yes, it was painful at first , but in the end it felt fulfilling, like the right thing to do. Now your beautiful babies deserve the proper care. Its time to clean and treat your boots properly. Nearly all companies supply directions and even cleaning/treating kits made especially for their boots follow these directions and use these kits, if possible. But if those arent around, you can always follow this basic structure that works for smooth-finished or oil-tanned leather .

    1 Inspect your boots. Look them over for particularly bad wear, scratches, stains, rot or sole damage. You may need to take them to a shoe repair shop, or you may just find notable spots to hit during your cleaning and conditioning. If your boots are brand new, check to see if they need to be conditioned or waterproofed, as many pairs are sold already treated.

    2 Remove the laces. Set them aside or clean them in warm water and leave them to dry. Clear dirt and mud from the sole with a bristle brush, a wet paper towel, or, in dire circumstances, a toothbrush.


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