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How To Sue Police For Negligence

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If Youre Partially At Fault You Cant Pursue Compensation

Woman suing Arkansas State Police after car flipped using PIT maneuver

For most personal injury claims, Indiana follows a system of comparative fault. That means that people who are partially at fault for their accidents, provided their level of fault is less than 51%, can still get compensation for their medical bills and lost wages.

However, that system doesnt apply to accidents involving governmental entities, including police officers. People who are hurt in crashes involving police officers and are found to have any level of faulteven 1%are barred from recovering damages for their accident-related expenses. Examples of fault include speeding, failing to make room for an officer whose sirens are on, or failure to use a turn signal.

Obstacles To Suing Police Officers

One of the primary challenges a citizen can face when suing the police is immunity. Many states have laws that offer immunity to public employees who perform certain duties, such as making an arrest. However, in some states, immunity does not apply when an officer utilizes excessive force or otherwise acts outside the scope of his responsibilities. Additionally, Section 1983 of Chapter 42 of the U.S. Code dictates that police officers have qualified immunity. This essentially protects police against lawsuits for civil rights violations as long as the officials behavior did not violate a clearly established right. The 11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution also says that states are immune from lawsuits by private citizens in federal court.

How To Start Your Police Negligence Claim

Accident Claims UK has a team of solicitors specialising in actions against the police. Starting police negligence claims could not be easier. Simply call us on the number at the bottom of this page, and we can lead you through the process.

First, we will ask you some questions so that we can get a better idea of your claim, such as:

  • Did you suffer from police negligence or misconduct?
  • What were the injuries, physical or psychological, caused by the event?
  • When and where did the event take place?
  • Have you had professional medical treatment?
  • What is the long-term prognosis for your recovery?
  • Have you suffered any financial losses due to the incident?

Once we have the answers to questions such as these, we will offer you some free legal advice on what we think your next move should be. Such as making a police negligence compensation claim.

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Susan Spencers Claim Against Merseyside Police

We were able to settle Mrs Spencers claim at the meeting on 19 June as well.

Mrs Spencer, who witnessed the two police officers actions, later described the assault on her son as ferocious and savage. She was deeply disturbed by what she saw and was also affected by the CS gas which left her nauseous, disoriented, and with sore eyes.

She was also arrested at the scene for obstructing the police while she tried to protect her son from the assault. Susan had never been in trouble with the police before and in desperation accepted a caution so as to be released from the police station as soon as possible.

Susan asked me to sue the police for her. I issued proceedings and also entered into negotiations to settle her claim. The police initially offered £6000 and thereafter £8000.

At the round table meeting the police repeated their offer of £8,000, but we eventually agreed on £10,000 plus costs. She too is satisfied that it was worth her while taking legal action against the police and feels vindicated by the result.

How To Sue A Police Department And Win

Charles Kinsey, unarmed Florida therapist, files lawsuit against ...

If youve had a negative experience with the police, youre probably wondering whether or not you can take legal action against them. Even though taking a police department to small claims court can be daunting, it is possible to win. Even with laws like qualified immunity shielding police from some accountability, suing and winning against a police department is not impossible.

So, if youre thinking about suing the police, well show you where to begin. Moreover, we’ll go into detail on how the entire process can be remarkably easy with DoNotPay.

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Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress

Citizens can also sue police officers when the latter cause emotional distress negligently, rather than intentionally or recklessly. The extent of emotional harm required for a successful lawsuit depends on the jurisdiction.

But in order for there to be potential liability for negligently caused emotional distress, the officer must owe a “duty of care” to the citizen. In other words, the court will consider whether the officer had some kind of special relationship with the plaintiff that’s distinct from the general police responsibility to the public at large.

For example, in a Louisiana case, a rape victim sued a sheriff for the emotional distress she suffered when the evidence in her case was mistakenly destroyed before a suspect had been arrested. The court held that the duty to preserve evidence goes to the general public, and that law enforcement doesn’t owe any special duty to protect an individual from the misplacement or mistaken destruction of evidence. .)

S To Suing The Police

Suing the police is a long, arduous task that takes much skill and experience. The initial step in any case is to consult with a qualified civil rights attorney who can tell you what you need to know about your case and chances of winning in court. Preserving evidence and documenting everything that pertains to the incident is vital. Take pictures, keep and preserve clothing and all items resent during the incident, and secure witnesses who say the altercation and alleged abuse. Hire a qualified attorney to help you file complaints with the police department as well as the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney Generals office.

Being abused by a police officer is as traumatic mentally as it harmful physically. It leaves you feeling helpless and afraid of your own environment. There are options for citizens who find themselves abused by police. A qualified attorney can help you get your life back to normal.

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How To Sue The City

A state resident may want to sue the city for any number of reasons. For instance, you may sustain injuries in a slip and fall in a government building. Or, a pothole on a public might have caused serious damage to your car. Whatever the nature of the incident is, it is within your rights to sue the city and recover damages.

North Carolina Tort Claims Act

How To Sue A Police Officer

The North Carolina Tort Claims Act is the specific section of our state laws where the state waives its sovereign immunity against certain types of negligence claims. The NCTCA applies in any case where a state officer, employee, or agent engages in negligent behavior and causes harm while acting as a government employee. In these cases, the act makes it so you can sue the state just like any person or company.

All claims made under the NCTCA have to be filed with our states Industrial Commission, which is the court that typically hears workers compensation cases. The NCTCA governs local as well as state cases, and most cities include information on how to file these claims in their offices and on their websites.

Note that the NCTCA only allows you to sue the state government for the actions of an employee if that employee was acting in the scope of their duties. So, if a driver working for the city crashed into you while they were on the clock and driving a city vehicle, you can potentially sue the city for damages under the NCTCA. However, if the same driver hit you in the evening while they were off duty, the state is not liable.

Also, the NCTCA doesnt apply if an individual government employee hurt you because of an intentional act. If a government employee hurt you on purpose, the city isnt liable, although you may be able to sue the employee as a private citizen by filing an intentional tort claim.

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Medical Malpractice Claim Failure To Act

Medical professionals have a legal duty to uphold the standards of care set by the medical community. Through action and inaction, physicians and other medical professionals can harm their patients, leading lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. Consider a patient who visits a doctor because he is experiencing troublesome stomach symptoms.

The doctor diagnoses the issue as an infection and decides to treat it with antibiotics. However, the doctor did not review the patients record or talk to him about his medical history. Had the doctor taken a complete medical history, he would have found out his patient was allergic to antibiotics. The doctors failure to get a complete medical history may constitute medical negligence.

A Guide To Accident Claims For Police Misconduct

Police Negligence

Police negligence and misconduct can often have a lasting impact on a persons life. Whether youre assaulted by an officer in the UK physically or verbally, been discriminated against or perhaps been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, you can make police negligence claims.

This guide informs you of everything you need to know about claims made for police negligence compensation, what to do if you are a victim of police misconduct, and how to begin launching your police misconduct claims.

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Our Lawyers Can Help Win Your Claim Against A Negligent Police Officer

Crashes involving police officers and their patrol cars can result in serious injuries. Thats because they often travel at high speeds, especially when theyre responding to calls and emergencies. If a police officer crashed into a vehicle that you or someone you love was traveling in because of their negligence, we want to help you get compensation.

Contact the Indiana auto accident lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin today for a free consultation. Well put our years of experience with both Indiana personal injury law and the Indiana Tort Claims Act to work for your family.

What Is Considered Police Brutality


Police brutality is a form of police misconduct. It is the use of excessive physical force by a police officer or other law enforcement officials. It is essentially the use of force beyond what is reasonably necessary to arrest, apprehend, or question a suspect or any other person.

Police abuse is similar to assault and battery by a private individual. Police do not have the authority to unreasonably injure people simply because they have a badge and a uniform. In fact, they are trained to restrain from abuse whenever possible.

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What Are Police Misconduct Hearings

Before we look at how to claim police negligence compensation claims, lets look at the hearings that may take place in instances of misconduct.

A police misconduct hearing is a publicly accessible board of hearing, that is in place to evaluate the performance of police officers with regards to negligence and misconduct.

If a police officer is found guilty of misconduct or negligence, a range of actions can be taken, from no further action, through having to be advised by management on how they failed, a written warning or final written warning, and finally dismissal from the police force.

How Our Guide Could Help You

This guide also contains useful information on the personal injury claims time limit and other information including:

  • A full description of the legal definition of police misconduct with regard to making a compensation claim.
  • A full description of the legal definition of police negligence UK with regard to making a police negligence compensation claim.
  • A list of the most common types of police negligence that happen in the UK each year.
  • Steps you should take if youve suffered an injury due to police negligence or misconduct to give you the best chance of winning a compensation claim.
  • Information on your legal position if you need to make a compensation claim for an injury caused by an assault by a police officer.
  • Information on claiming for emotional distress caused by police negligence UK or misconduct.
  • A discussion of the duty to protect that all police officers are expected to adhere too. We then look at how you can claim if the police fail in this duty.
  • A description of police misconduct hearings, what they are and what their function is.
  • The steps you need to take to begin a compensation claim for an injury caused by police misconduct or negligence.
  • An introduction to the Accident Claims UK No Win No Fee claims service.
  • Our explanation of why we believe this is the best vehicle for making a claim from the police.

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Off Duty Border Patrol Agent Borrows A Gun And Rescues His Daughter From School Shooting

An off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado, whose deeply saddened and frightened wife, Trisha, worked as a teacher at the school, texted him. He was at a barbershop getting ready for a haircut. The couples daughter Jayda, a second grader, was also in the school.

Her text stated:Theres an active shooter,Help, and I love you. Acting quickly, he borrowed a shotgun from the barber, rushed to the school, and saved lives during the Robb Elementary school shooting.

After arriving at the Robb Elementary school shooting scene, the off-duty agent, out of uniform, apparently shamed a few local police to help him rescue his daughter.

Im looking for my daughter, but I also know what wing shes in, was the statement he gave to the Times.

Ultimately he convinced two officers to provide cover while Albarado and two additional officers rescued Albarados daughter.

Due to his status as a federal officer, he simply ignored the local police barricade and got his daughter out of her classroom. After he rescued his family member, he proceeded to help evacuate other school kids during the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Work With An Experienced Lawyer To Fight For Emotional Distress Settlements

Phoenix photographer suing Phoenix police

Whether or not you have been physically injured during an interaction with a police officer, if you are experiencing emotional distress as a result of an engagement with an officer, it is important that you reach out for legal advice as soon as possible after the incident.

The Brown Firm would be happy to help you evaluate whether you have a case for emotional distress, and if you have been physically injured, we can guide you in filing a suit for excessive force as well. Reach out to schedule an appointment so that you can seek the justice and monetary compensation that you deserve and begin to heal from the incident.

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What Are Your Options For Suing The Police In Ontario

You can also sue the police in Ontario for damages arising from malicious prosecution, such as legal expenses in defending a criminal case. The prosecution must have been initiated by the police the proceedings must have been resolved in your favor there must be an absence of reasonable and probable cause, and there must be malice.

Punitive damages can be awarded against a police officer. Punitive damages are awarded if there has been conduct by a police officer that is high-handed, malicious, arbitrary, or highly reprehensible that markedly departs from ordinary standards of decent behavior. The intent of punitive damages is to punish and deter. Punitive damages are awarded when compensatory damages are not enough to accomplish the goals of punishment, deterrence, and denunciation.

Breaches of your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by a police officer can result in a successful lawsuit against the state. The purpose of this type of lawsuit is to compensate, vindicate, and deter. Personal damages compensate for harm to your intangible interests, which include distress, humiliation, embarrassment, and anxiety. Some examples of Charter violations include arbitrary detention or imprisonment, unreasonable search, and seizure, or being racially profiled.

Can I Sue The Police For Not Investigating A Crime

While it can be frustrating when the police do not investigate a crime, it does not necessarily count as negligence by the police, and therefore you generally cannot make a claim if you suffer harm as a result. If you are unhappy due to a failure to investigate properly by the police, you could potentially make a complaint directly to your local police force.

You may be wondering if you could sue the police for not investigating? If a police failure to investigate properly has resulted in you or someone you love becoming seriously harmed or injured, you could make a complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct . They are an independent body responsible for overseeing and investigating complaints to the police, as well as investigating serious matters and allegations such as death in police custody and sexual abuse within the police force.

When you make a complaint to the IOPC, it will be forwarded to the relevant organisation, and the IOPC may choose to carry out an official investigation.

Please note that you cannot claim compensation through the IOPC. To learn more about the role of the IOPC and the complaints process when making a claim, or to find out what you can claim for in the case of negligence by the police, contact our advisors today.

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Faqs And Answers About Wrongful Death At The Hands Of Police Officers

When a loved one dies due to the negligence or unlawful actions of a police officer, it can be difficult to know where to turn. During this confusing time, it is essential to get the assistance of an accident and injury attorney in Riverside with experience in government liability cases . If you suspect that your loved ones death was the result of wrongful actions by police officers, here are the answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

How do I know if my loved ones death qualified as a wrongful death?

The best way to understand your loved ones case is to review the details with an experienced attorney, who can investigate the facts and help you decide how to proceed. There are several factors that can contribute to wrongful death, from actions that deprived your loved one of his or her civil rights to negligent behavior on the part of the police that contributed to the death. For instance, using excessive force and denying medical care may both fall into the category of wrongful death. Inadequate training by the police department is another issue that can arise. Your attorney will look at all of the circumstances involved in the case to help you decide if you should file a lawsuit.

Are these cases filed in state or federal court?

What kinds of damages are likely to be paid?

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