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Is La Police Gear Legit

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Can I Contact La Police Gear Before My Order Is Placed On Amazon

LA Police Gear – Atlas Tactical Pant with STS

Yes, you are allowed to contact the seller before placing your order on Amazon. Go to and look out for the “Ask a Question” link to contact the seller and ask any question you want before placing an order, will send your question to LA Police Gear. Usually, the merchant will respond to your email within two business days.

Providing Fit Form And Function

LAPG also offers two styles of womens tactical pants with similar features.

Making pants is tremendously complicated, and womens fit blocks are much more complicated just because women have such a greater variety in shaping and sizing, so we actually came out with two pants, said Frank. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now, so were pretty good at making pants that fit most people very well.

Based on what theyve learned on the force and over nearly 20 years in business, LAPG has a good understanding of what cops need, how to design pants that fit properly and which sizes are most popular to keep in stock. We understand the bell curve of sizes very well and try to keep those common sizes in stock pretty much all the time, said Frank.

I have always and will always recommend LA Police Gear for cop shopping, especially their house-label products. I looked in my closet when I started writing this piece and I cant even remember what I wore before LAPG pants. I do know whatever it was probably cost a lot more and did not last as long.

Request information from LA Police Gear

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Finding The Right Pants For Your Needs

LAPG continues to evolve their house-label products, with the Basic Operator Pant, the Urban Ops Tactical Pant and the Atlas Tactical Pant. They sent me a pair of each to try out.

At first blush, these pants seem pretty similar to each other. They are all made of 65% polyester/35% cotton rip-stop fabric. They all have front pockets optimized for clip-carrying a knife or flashlight and D-rings to clip keys, IDs or whatever suits you. They all have YKK zippers and brass stud closure buttons.

Digging a little deeper, I found that these pants have different features that serve different functions.

Basic Operator Pant: The Basic Operator Pants are one of the LAPG pants I wear off duty. The belt loops accommodate 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch belts on an elastic waistband, and the pants are available in sizes 28 to 50 .

Made of fade-resistant 7.5 oz. fabric, they have a total of eight pockets, and the large cargo pockets each have a D-ring to secure keys or other important items. The dual front slit pockets are where I usually carry small items like a small OC can or a few keys. The large slanted cargo pockets are great for retrieving and stowing your phone while seated.

These pants feature a gusseted crotch for increased comfort. The double knees and double seat are also great features to have in my experience. Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in training knows those are the first places to wear and tear.

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Tactical Pants To Fit Any Mission Without Breaking The Budget

New options from LAPG provide the features and fit you need on the job at a reasonable price

Sponsored by LAPG

Most cops will be familiar with LA Police Gear, or LAPG as they are better known, because cops like acronyms almost as we much as we like gear. Im certainly familiar with LAPG. A few years ago, they sent me a thank-you note for spending over $1,000 with them over the years. Theyre an authorized dealer of 5.11 Tactical, Surefire, Safariland and all of the usual suspects in law enforcement products as well as their own label.

Gear Review: La Police Gear Multiuse Tote

A government agency tricked the Defense Department into ...

Posted onAuthorPaul Mags

A firm belief of mine is that if you are organizedand ready to go, you can make the most out of your outdoor time when it presents itself.

The gift of timeis the BEST gift an outdoor person can have overall. And, if you organize well, you can make maximum use of that time in my opinion.

You can stage for a backpacking or camping trip in less than an hour and get out the door. Your fuel, food, clothing, gear, and other items are in their place and readily available. You spend more time outdoors and less time getting supplies and running around packing.

And to assist in this goal, my favorite items for the outdoors are not what most people think of as outdoor items. Among these items? An inexpensive shed gave us more space in our multi-purpose room, plastic totes organize and keep everything readily available, and flyers kit bagsswallow up the gear and make it easy to stage for trips.

Well, add to this list a surprising item. One , I bought on a lark due to a sale and found extremely valuable over the past six months: LA Police Gear Collapsible Multiuse Tote.

LA Police Gear makes/sells the tacti-cool type clothing and gear favored by people needing work pants, uniform pants, first responders, or people who, well, want to look tacti-cool for some reason.


Dont want maroon? The bag comes in five different colors.

With my beater/work out shoes from TSLA.

PCO Joan.

Disclosure: I purchased this gear with my funds.

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What Are La Police Gear’s Return And Price Match Policies

LA Police Gear will allow you to return your purchase for an exchange or refund within 60 days of purchase. Be sure to visit the Return section of the website to get your unique RMA number and more information on how to make your return. LA Police Gear offers a price match guarantee. If you find a lower price on an identical item at another authorized dealer, the company will match it. Visit the site’s Price Match page for details.

Your Online Tactical Store

LA Police Gear is a trusted tactical store for all your gear needs. Whether youre a soldier, officer, or civilian, we have a wide selection of police equipment, tactical clothing, first aid kits, and more to make sure youre prepared and protected every day. We were founded by cops for cops, so you can feel confident that every purchase from our collection has the quality you need with the functionality you expect.

When you need tactical police gear you can count on, look no further than your favorites from LAPG. Youll find high-quality police equipment for the job as well as gear designed for a strenuous outdoor excursion. LA Police Gear is your tactical store for boots, shirts, pants, and more.

Check out our closeouts for unbeatable prices on police tactical gear,accessories, and more! We bring our customers high-quality products at affordable prices so you can always have the gear you need. Browse the collection today to find the best deals on the best gear!

At LAPG, our tactical store is filled with the latest gear you need to be protected from head to toe and performing your best. We were founded by cops for cops, so you can trust that our police equipment, tactical gear, and more will fulfill whatever your needs are. From uniform attire to hiking gear, youll find high-quality gear from brands you trust.

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More Info On La Police Gear Inc

LA Police Gear is your one-stop shop for all things police, military, camping, survival, and miscellaneous everyday carry gear! LA Police Gear was founded in 2001 by Los Angeles area police officers with the mission of bringing awesome deals to law enforcements officers, but now people of all occupations can place orders.

We carry almost anything you can imagine for police, military, private security, emergency medical services, outdoor activities, and infinitely more. Whether you need something for work or for pleasure, weve got your back.

Here at LA Police Gear, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, competitive prices, and speedy shipping. We have live on-site phone operators during our normal business hours who can answer any questions you may have about your order or a specific item. On top of our friendly customer service crew we also offer some of the lowest prices youll find on the internet, and with our Price Match Guarantee, youll find it difficult to find a reason to shop anywhere else.

We carry all the brands you recognize and love, such as 5.11 Tactical, Mechanix Wear, Bates, Blackhawk!, Condor, Galco, Hatch, Oakley, Hazard 4, Maxpedition, Propper, Ranger Up, Arcteryx, Safariland, Streamlight, Surefire, and Under Armour. In addition, we also carry top-quality apparel, bags, and accessories under the LA Police Gear brand, which offers more economic alternatives to many of the popular items on our site.

La Police Gear Expedition Packable Waterproof Rain Jacket Review

LA Police Gear – Nomad Shorts

Andy ChenReviewsClothingWe use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

REVIEW As Ive written before, Im active in Scouting . One of the Ten Essentials for the outdoors is appropriate rain gear. Im not sure if its because weve had crippling droughts in California for years, but I actually dont own a packable rain jacket. Thankfully, now I have one to test.

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Delivering Value For The Money

Ive spent the most money on the LAPG brand head-to-toe line of tactical gear, especially the pants. They also offer footwear, bags, knives, flashlights and just about anything you might need on the job. I have several LAPG backpacks, plate carriers, range gear and tactical bags, and I wear LAPG pants almost every day.

I was a little incredulous when I bought my first pair of LAPG house-label pants one out of the estimated million theyve sold. In a world where its easy to spend up to $100 on a pair of multi-pocket pants, once I got these I found myself asking why I would? My LAPG pants look just as good and last just as long as the big-name brands.

The key to the cost reduction is that they are the distributor and the dealer, which cuts out the middleman. Also, they dont include the superfluous features that many manufacturers do. The folks at LAPG know, through their own experience as law enforcement officers and through the feedback of their customers, which features are actually needed and which are not. That helps cut the manufacturing cost as well. The end result is quality stuff at cop-friendly prices.

Great Site For All Your Needs

I have always been very able to navigate this site. So far I have never needed to get the help of costumer service so cant comment on that part items Ive ordered have came to my in good shape and in a quick time frame. There products have not disappointed have always matched there sites outline. This is the only place I shop for this kind of goods anymore its easy affordable and quick the friends told me I would be happy with the site and they were correct please dont change a thing.

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How To Contact La Police Gear To Claim A Warranty On Amazon

All you need to do is go to the order page and find the order of interest with the list of orders. For the chosen order, select Problem with Order and choose the appropriate problem then Contact Seller. You should provide information that would be reviewed, The steps are quite easy to follow, You can learn more about contacting a Seller on Amazon from here.

La Police Gear Savings Tricks

LA Police Reassigns 7 Officers As It Investigates ...
  • Click the Closeouts tab on to find select discounted items at up to 90% off regular price.
  • Sign up for the LA Police Gear email list and grab a coupon code good for 10% off your order. Watch for the pop-up on the homepage, or sign up in the page footer.
  • Refer a friend to LA Police Gear and save. Your friend will get a coupon good for $15 off their first order of $100 or more, and you will receive a $15 coupon for every successful referral.
  • Check the top scroll at to find select items at special discounts.
  • Sign up for the LA Police Gear Rewards Program and start earning points with each purchase that you can redeem toward future discounts and shipping savings. You can also earn points by signing up for the newsletter and by posting likes and shares on social media.

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Why We Do It

LA Police Gear, Inc was founded in 2001 by Los Angeles-area Police Officers who were tired of not being able to find all the police and tactical gear they needed in one convenient place. Weve made it our mission to provide you with top-of-the-line police equipment and tactical gear.

Our products range from EDC and CCW to disaster and survival gear that works for police and military as well as civilians. No matter what you need, weve got your back.

Good Store Bad Shipping

LA Police Gear is generally an upstanding company, but LOTS of the things on sale are in sizes that onky fit the obese or small children.Secondly, they continue to use FedEx for shipping. My current order was placed 17 days ago. While LAPG did ship the order in 48 hours, they’re only 400 miles away. My order went past me a day later then 150 miles north where its been sitting “In Transit” for the last 13 days. After I receive this order I doubt I’ll be ordering from LAPG again due to who they use for shipping. Out of the last 5 orders I’ve placed with them, 1 was shipped with UPS and was on time. Nearly all the rest that I’ve made in the past were shipped via FedEx.

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Lapg Are Scammers Have Contacted The Bbb

hi my name is James Smith, i ordered 2 gift cards off lapg this week, both cards were never sent for 2 days, just had a message saying manual verification required, so i contacted them with no response, i then looked and seen both gift cards were cancelled for no reason at all…. they finally reached back out and said the card was unable to be charged, but when i checked my account statement it showed both the charges were made to my card….. and now 4 days later the charges stilllll have not been refunded, as well as lapg has not returned my messages or answered a single call. nothing but scammers, this is exactly why people dont trust pigs. The BBB have been notified!

Las Opiniones De Nuestros Clientes

LA Police Gear – Jumbo Bail Out Bag

Nosotros fuimos de acampada con caravana. La ubicación ideal, el camping súper tranquilo, las instalaciones limpias y correctas

Estuvimos para el mes de Junio alli con una oferta de una web. Era un mobilhome para 5 personas y todo esta organizado para q no le faltara detalle! Muy limpio, comodo y conservado.

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The Brands And Quality You Need

LAPG is an authorized dealer for many trusted and top-ranked brands. In addition to our in-house brand, youll find top products from 5.11 Tactical, Streamlight and Surefire Flashlights, Safariland and Blackhawk Holsters, Condor, and many more.

LAPG also manufactures a head-to-toe line of police tactical gear which is half the cost of name brands. We make everything from tactical pants and boots to police duty polos, jackets, and plate carriers. If you want top-quality tactical apparel items at half the price you usually pay, check out our LA Police Gear brand section.

Why Trust Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews are real, authentic reviews collected from actual paying customers, using Shopper Approved’s Verified Review Platform. When reviews are Verified by Shopper Approved, you know that you can trust them to make better buying decisions.Unverified Reviews on the other hand, are reviews collected by Open Review platforms that allow anyone to leave a review, without any validation or proof of purchase. Unfortunately, most reviews you read online are Unverified Reviews, and can’t be trusted.As a consumer, here’s how you can tell the difference:Verified Reviews from Verified Review Platforms like Shopper Approved, have much higher review counts and higher overall Star ratings, because they attempt to collect reviews from every single paying customer.Unverified Reviews from Open Review Platforms, tend to have much lower review counts and more negative Star ratings, because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews. This often creates a misleading, inaccurate portrayal of a companies true reputation.So, when searching for Verified Reviews, look for the name you know you can trust. Shopper Approved.

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