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How To Get My Police Record

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Exemptions From Ontarios Police Record Check Reform Act

How can I get my Local Police Records Check done?

Certain police record checks have been exempted from the Police Record Checks Reform Act, or parts of the act. A full list of exemptions are outlined in legislation and regulation. Examples of police record check exemptions include, but is not limited to, certain situations such as:

  • applying for child custody or adoptions
  • providing residential care or foster care for children and youth
  • applying for a legal name change
  • requirements for a firearms license application
  • screening for certain roles and purposes in the education, early years, child care, and justice sectors, and in relation to certain roles within the Ontario Public Service
  • screening for certain roles in electricity generation facilities
  • certain contexts related to securities markets

How Can I Get My Records If I Cannot Afford The Fee

If you cannot afford the fee, you may request a waiver. You may do this by filling out an Application for Fee Waiver form or attaching a separate letter that requests a waiver of the fee. In the letter or application, you must state that you cannot afford the fee because you are poor, and you must include some proof that you are poor. To prove that you are poor, you may be able to simply explain how much you make a month and what your expenses are in the letter. If possible, you should include a copy of your pay stubs or bank accounts. Do NOT send original documents.

Question: Do Sex Offenders From Other States Have To Register As A Sex Offender In Texas

Answer: Yes, if the sex offenders conviction is a “reportable conviction or adjudication” and the offender resides, works or attends school in Texas. As stated above, “reportable conviction or adjudication” includes a conviction or adjudication of delinquent conduct under the laws of another state for an offense containing elements that are substantially similar to the elements of a Texas offense that requires registration.

The Texas Department of Public Safety determines whether an offense under the laws of another state contains elements that are substantially similar to the elements of a Texas offense that requires registration.

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Record Checks For People Living Outside Of Canada

The Waterloo Regional Police Service does not provide police record checks to people living outside of Canada. If you live out of the country, and need confirmation that you have no criminal record in Canada, you may obtain a copy of your Canadian Criminal Record through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police .

Please visit the RCMP website for detailed instructions and costs.

Hardcopy Record Check Result:

How Can I Get My Criminal Record Expunged in Florida ...
  • Hardcopy Record Checks are sent by the Ottawa Police Service to the Record Check applicant’s mailing address.

  • Confirm the Record Check you have received is in fact your Record Check and that all information is accurate.

  • In the result portion of the Record Check, there will be a box selected . This is the result of the Record Check.

  • There will also be an inkless imprint of the Ottawa Police Service. This inkless imprint can be felt on both sides of the hardcopy Record Check. This certifies the Record Check as authentic.

  • Confirm that the “Date Completed” and “Cadre Number” fields are filled in.

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    Can My Employer Get My Summary Criminal History

    Generally no. Most private employers do NOT have the right to request your summary criminal history. In fact, unauthorized use of your private information is a crime. There are some important exceptions to this rule, mostly listed in Penal Code § 11105. Some of the most important exceptions are listed below:

    Common Terms You Should Know

    • File Destruction: If you have not been convicted of a crime, you can request a file destruction or purge. This includes instances where you have been accused of a crime, have attended court and been fingerprinted but found not guilty. A file destruction will erase any photographs, fingerprints, and related information. Youll receive confirmation of proof that your file has been destroyed.
    • Record Suspension: If you have been convicted of a crime, but have completed your sentence and taken steps to show rehabilitation, you may apply for a Record Suspension, formerly known as a Pardon. A national agency, the Parole Board of Canada is the body responsible for granting Record Suspensions. If your application is successful, your complete criminal record including photographs, fingerprints, and related reports are sealed and closed. It remains closed unless youve been recharged with another serious criminal offence. When someone searches the Canadian Police Information Centre , your past criminal record wont show up.

    Its important to note that the Canadian Human Rights Act states that any federal agencies and departments cannot discriminate against someone with a Pardon or Record Suspension.

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    Question: Are There Any State Laws That Provide Guidance Or Limitations On Local City Ordinances Regarding Registered Sex Offenders

    Answer: Section 341.906, Subchapter Z, Chapter 341, Local Government Code, allows for the governing body of a general-law municipality by ordinance to restrict a registered sex offender from going in, on or within a specified distance of a child safety zone in the municipality. In addition it limits the distance requirement an ordinance may have and requires procedures for an exemption from the ordinance. Questions regarding any local city ordinance should be directed to the local law enforcement registrar’s office at the Police Department or the city attorney’s office in the jurisdiction of the ordinance.

    What Is The Difference Between City County And State Arrest Warrants

    How do I get my criminal record expunged?

    Arrest warrants typically do not differ in nature from city jurisdictions, county jurisdictions, and state jurisdictions. They contain the same information and permit the law enforcement agents who are responsible for the jurisdiction the same permissions. They only major differences are that law enforcement agencies are able to utilize the warrant, the width of the applicable jurisdiction, and the officials that are responsible for administering the warrant.

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    What Is An Arrest Record

    An arrest record, or arrest report, makes up the section of a criminal record that covers the apprehension of a suspected criminal. Arrests typically occur in one of two ways: as a result of a law enforcement agent witnessing an alleged crime, and as a result of an issuement of an arrest warrant. In most cases, law enforcement agents like state or city police, and county sheriffs deputies make arrests when a crime is witnessed, but if law enforcement conducts an investigation to determine if enough evidence is available to convict a person, an arrest warrant may be issued. Regardless of the type of arrest, if an arrest occurs, there will be a record of that arrest.

    Arrest records are typically held by the law enforcement agency that conducted the arrest. Arrest records are considered public records and are available at the municipal, city, county, and state level.

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    Option 1: Request a New Criminal Record Check

    To Submit an online request for a criminal record check, you must:

    • Be at least 12 years of age as of today’s date.
    • Have your identity verified through the Electronic Identity Verification process.Please Note: Not all individuals will be able to use the EIV process and may be required to submit the request for a criminal record check through the manual paper process.
    • Please use a laptop or desktop computer, some applicants have experienced difficulties using a mobile device.

    To use the EIV:

    • Failure to pass the EIV twice will lock the user out for up to 72 hours.
    • Individuals must have a minimum Canadian credit history of at least six months.
    • Individuals must have been residing in Canada for two years or longer.
    • Individuals must correctly answer a set of security questions unique to their personal credit history.
    • Must have a current Canadian address.

    Option 2: Share the Result of a Completed Criminal Record Check

    To Submit an online request to share the result of a completed criminal record check:

    To use the EIV: Please see requirements outlined above.

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    How To Access Your Police

    Members of the public have the right to request records containing their personal information from the Ontario Provincial Police or a municipal police service. Individuals who make these requests may have, for example, played a role in a suspected offence, been involved in a call for service or some other police-attended incident or had a relative who died in circumstances that led to the involvement of a police service.

    Someone else, such as a lawyer or other person acting on your behalf, may make the request for you, or you may do so yourself. You may file a request by submitting a form and paying a fee, either by mail or in person.

    Commonly requested records include:

    • officers notes and
    • police-related 911 calls.

    Many people think that they cannot request a police officers notes, but a police notebook is generally in the custody or control of the police service and is subject to freedom of information requests.

    Requesting information from a police service follows the same process as asking for records from other types of government institutions. However, the nature of police-held information means that frequently some of these records or some passages within these records are exempt from disclosure under Ontarios access to information legislation.

    In all cases, if you disagree with a police services decision to deny your access request in whole or part, you may file an appeal with our office.

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    Obtaining A Police Information Check

    How do I get copies of my criminal records?

    Visit a Calgary Police Service location and remember to bring:

  • Two valid pieces of government issued identification

  • Drivers Licence
  • Alberta Photo Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Payment for the Police Information Check.
  • For status of your police check please refer to the following website for current processing date. Once application is processed please allow an additional 2-3 business days for mail delivery, to receive, unless further follow-up is required of you to which you will be notified. You may also refer to this website to learn more about our online Police Information check process. The Police Information Check will not disclose to a third party any specific information will be disclosed to the applicant only.

    If you have previously resided in Calgary and now reside elsewhere in Alberta, in another Province or Out of Country and require a Calgary Police Service Police Information Check, please see Police information checks for people outside Calgary.

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    How Do I Read My Summary Criminal History

    The history will include your name, date of birth, and a list of all prior arrests and convictions. The history will list an abbreviation of the code sections of all charges and convictions. For example, if the history lists H& S § 11359, the letters refer to the California Codes and the number tells you the section identifying the crime in that code . You can look up your code section online, at a law school or courthouse library. Librarians often will be able to help you find the code section that you need. If you have questions about your summary criminal history, you should call the Criminal History Unit at the California Attorney Generals office: 916-227-3849 and ask for the Records Review department.

    Which Records Do I Need To Submit And What Information Should They Include

    If youre applying from abroad, you must submit to the National Visa Center certified court and prison records for each conviction even if you were later pardoned or granted amnesty or some other act of clemency.

    The records must reflect the following information:

    • The full and complete circumstances of the crime for which you were convicted
    • The final outcome of your case, including the sentence or other penalty/fine

    If youre applying from within the United States, you must submit to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services certified police and court records and any additional required documents for each arrest or charge even if they occurred while you were a minor and even if they were later expunged from your record.

    You generally are not required to report or provide documentation for minor traffic violations that did not result in criminal charges or involve alcohol, drugs, personal injury, or property damage.

    If youve ever been Then you must submit

    Documentation showing that you completed the alternative sentencing or rehabilitative program

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    How To Find Arrest Records Across Multiple Jurisdictions

    Conducting your investigation can become complicated if you need to do a background search on someone who has lived in multiple jurisdictions. To simplify things, an internet-based specialized investigation company can provide a comprehensive, multi-state search in one easy step. This allows you to search for multiple records from all over the country quickly and easily. And you can avoid the hassle of tracking down individual records from various government entities.

    BeenVerified has an online search form for public records. BeenVerifieds automated search aggregates from hundreds of databases and repositories. To search, just go to the online search form and enter the persons first name, last name, and city. The form will search multiple public records databases and provide a list of potential matching names. Scroll through the list and select the person youre looking for, then click Build Report.

    Questions and More Information

    If you have any questions about how to get a copy of your police report, please leave a comment below. Also, view more Law Enforcement Resources.

    Portland Public Records Request Center:

    How can I get my Local Police Records Check done?

    To submit a public records request or check the status of an existing public records request please visit the Portland Public Records Request Center at

    Please be advised that all public records requests require payment. Please see the City of Portland Fee Schedule.


    As the result of an understaffed division, increased workload, financial restrictions, and the new Records Management System, the Police Bureau is currently experiencing a backlog of requests for public records. The processing time may take 12 weeks from when a public records request is received. If you have made your public records request online through the Portland Public Records Request Center, you may check the status of your request on the website. If you submitted a written public records request and it has been longer than 16 weeks, you may contact public records personnel at 503-823-0756.



    • Public Records at Central Precinct, 1111 SW 2nd Ave, on the 1st Floor.
    • For questions about police records, contact the Records Division at 503-823-0043 .
    • Information on how to submit a public records request or get a copy of your police report, call the automated information line 503-823-0041.
    • To send and receive your public records request by mail please use this form and mail your request along with a check or money order, in the appropriate amount made payable to: TREASURER, CITY OF PORTLAND

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    What Are Probation Records

    Probation records pertain to the conditions of an offenders probation. Probation is often given to convicted offenders by a judge instead of or along with incarceration, allowing the offender to be released back into the community under certain restrictions. Like parole, probation is an alternative to incarceration but is different than parole because it involves conditions placed on an offender prior to or in lieu of serving jail time. If the conditions of probation are not met, then the offender may likely be incarcerated or provided with tougher conditions and fines. Offenders placed on probation are usually of minimal risk to society, unlike a person who served time in prison and is on parole. The conditions of parole vary widely and are sometimes outlined in statues or under the discretion of the judge. The length of time an offender is placed on parole widely varies as well, anywhere from just the time it takes to pay off a large fine, to a few months or possibly several years. Some examples of probation conditions include fines, community service, education classes and having to report to a parole officer regularly.

    I Was Arrested But Never Charged Will That Arrest Appear On My Summary Criminal History

    Probably. The summary criminal history includes information on all arrests. Nonetheless, if you were arrested and either not charged OR not convicted, you may be able to seal your records. See California Penal Code § 851.8 or California Penal Code § 851.7 .

    If your arrest has been sealed, the information should not appear in your summary criminal history. If it does, you may correct the records. To do so, see the below.

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    What Is Included In Your Criminal Record

    Both federal and state law enforcement agencies that maintain criminal records sets their own standards regarding what is to be included in a criminal record. However, a common rule of the thumb is that all criminal records must contain basic information about the individual such as their official name, date of birth, aliases, height, and weight.

    While some records may contain only convictions, others will contain both arrest and conviction records. The conviction records may vary as well, but most of them will provide the exact date of conviction, the court of conviction, sentence and whether the charge was a felony or misdemeanor.

    Softcopy Record Check Result:

    Where can i get my criminal record for free ...
  • Softcopy Record Checks are sent by the Ottawa Police Service to the Record Check applicant’s email with a .pdf attachment.

  • Using a pdf reader , open the .pdf.

  • Confirm the Record Check you have received is in fact your Record Check and that all information is accurate.

  • At the top of the .pdf’s first page you will see either :

    • “The file you have opened complies with the PDF/A standard and has been opened read-only to prevent modification”

    • “Signed and all signatures are valid”

    5. In the result portion of the Record Check, there will be a box selected . This is the result of the Record Check.

    6. At the bottom of the page you will find the Digital Signature from the Ottawa Police Service.

    7. Select the “Click here to verify Digital Signature”. This will open up the Signature Validation status. You will be able to see here that “The Document has not been modified since it was certified”. This certifies that the Record Check is authentic.

    8. Confirm that the “Date Completed” and “Cadre Number” fields are filled in.


    The Ottawa Police Service provides fingerprinting for the following services:

    • Adoptions
    • If the results of a records check completed by Ottawa Police Service indicate fingerprints must be submitted to complete the application.
    • All other fingerprinting services are provided by in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. This includes for government employment, immigration, record suspension applications, etc.

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