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What’s The Best Free Police Scanner App

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Police Scanner Apps & Streams Guide

Police scanner apps for free it’s free to download

Whether you’re getting off scanner apps and looking for a scanner, or you’re trying to decide if a scanner will do more for you than a free or low-cost phone app…

We’re here with our handy dandy yellow legal pad to weigh the pros and cons right there with you!

With apps and streams, you can listen to basic police dispatch and car-to-car frequencies, along with some Fire/EMS. If you’re looking to listen to any other agency or a specific tac channels there really isn’t much out there.

Still, you wanna try it out, see what you’re able to pick up, see what you could listen to if you were to spring for a physical scanner.

These apps and streams make for good stepping stones into the scanner hobby and some of them don’t cost you a dime!

Well, it probably is.

All of the Tech Talk surrounding scanning can be a bit overwhelming, though, especially if youre new.

That’s why we created this guide to give you all the information you need to scanner.

This guide covers the following:

Best Analog: Uniden Bearcat Bc75xlt Handheld Scanner

  • Has close call RF technology

  • Simplistic design

  • Weaker reception in some areas

Featuring the ability to connect to public safety, military aircraft, and racing scanner channels, Unidens BC75XLT is a terrific choice for analog scanner fans. The built-in search functionality is second-to-none, and it quickly identifies channels for police, fire, marine, air, weather, and more, which makes the BC75XLT a very much pickup-and-go analog scanner.

You can save 300 channels into the scanners memory or 30 channels total in 10 separate banks. This makes it easy to scan for current transmissions on each stored channel. Additionally, the inclusion of Close Call RF capture technology assists the BC75XLT in identifying and detecting nearby transmissions, even if they arent pre-programmed into a channel. Powered by two AA batteries, the BC75XLT is both lightweight and designed to fit in the hand. Overall, it has good reception as long as youre in a strong signal area.

A Great Way To Stay Informed And Up To Date

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The best police scanners are easy to set up and use, providing clear audio quality on a broad range of frequencies.

For most people, we think our best budget pick, the Uniden BC365CRS is the one you should just buy.

Police scanners let you stay on top of local events and ahead of the curve in several potentially dangerous situations. You can also use a police scanner to stay abreast of local news before it’s reported on television, you can get weather alerts and find out about an impending natural disaster, or you can tune into amateur radio channels. The best police scanners can also serve as an alternative to a standalone CB radio or radar detector, so read on to see your options.

  • Hybrid CB radio and trunk-tracking scanner

  • Has GPS

  • Expensive

Although its one of the pricier options on this list, the Uniden Beartracker 885 is a full-featured CB radio and digital trunk tracking police scanner. It has GPS included, so it can automatically select nearby channels from its database . You dont have to do any sort of complex programming while you drive, as the scanner does the work for you. It provides weather alerts, PA functionality, and more, and you can easily read the LCD.

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The Pro Review From Techreviewpro

Thanks to these free police scanner apps you can at least listen to what law enforcement is up to in your area or in other cities around the world. Every single police scanner radio app is free so if you dont like it you can just uninstall and choose another one from the list. What are are you going to try first? Drop a comment below and let me know.

Start Using Your Phone To Listen And Talk On Live Channels

5 Best Free Police Scanner Apps For Android To Stay Safe

Whether you’re using a police scanner app for entertainment or to stay up to date with emergencies and crime in your area, it can be a great, easily accessible resource.

If the idea of live radio feeds intrigues you, you should check out walkie talkie apps for your smartphone. You can use an app on your phone to mimic a walkie talkie and set channels for you and your friends to talk on. How cool is that!

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What Are Police Scanner Apps

Police scanner apps are specific police radio apps built to help you listen to police radio broadcasts. Years ago, the police departments used to broadcast the city crime happening and daily reports of their work. Police scanners have been a tool for journalists and people who are the enthusiast in knowing the crime report and whats happening in their city.

Now things have changed and very few police departments still broadcast in the classical fashion like earlier. However, still many people are using police scanner apps on Android for fun and entertainment.

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Fire And Police Radio

In our testing, we find this is one of the best police scanners recommended by EX cops. All the essential features are there, and they work as expected, like browsing nearby and popular police radio channels, add your favorites and get alerts from around the country. However, we are more interested in talking about other interesting features that are uncommon in similar apps. It has a dark mode, a sleep timer similar to FM Radio apps, and a 10- code page for different departments.

Surprisingly, the Police Scanner app has a built-in walkie-talkie that lets you leave short voice messages on the channel for other app users. Thats awesome!

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Top 10 Best Police Scanner Apps For Free On Android

Maybe you wanted to be a cop when you were small, but things just kept getting in the way. Or, perhaps you have a huge necessity to know whats going on around you. Whatever the reason for wanting to hear a police radio, you can now use your Android device for it.

You can go ahead and throw away that massive police radio you got like a million years ago. By just installing an Android police radio app, youll feel like youre part of the action. Just make sure you dont try anything dumb and leave things to the pros.

My Scanner Police Scanner Radio

Are police scanner apps legit? Do they filter what you hear ? Are They Legal?

If you still havent found a police scanner app for free on Android that you like maybe youll stick with My Scanner Police Scanner Radio. This police scanner app may not have as many feeds as other police radio apps, but its one you wont have any problems using since its so easy to use.

It offers 300 scanner stations from all over the world and if you find one you like you can go ahead and save it to your favorites. Its best that you use the app with one of the latest Android versions since you might experience some bugs. If it does give you issues, just uninstall and try another police scanner app from the list.

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Best Scanner Cb Radio Combo: Uniden Beartracker 885 Hybrid Cb Radio + Digital Scanner

Police scanners and CB radios look fairly similar but dont share the same capabilities. Police scanners let you tune in and listen to radio transmissions sometimes up to 50 miles away. CB radios the kind of devices truck drivers often use, for example only detect transmission from other CB radios at a shorter distance , while also letting you talk to other users.

The Unidens BearTracker 885 combines both of these devices into a single unit. It lets you chat with other CB radio users while scanning for analog and digital signals to listen to.

It comes pre-programmed with a nationwide frequency database, to make it easy to begin listening to nearby radio transmissions. With a built-in GPS, it will automatically detect and switch between nearby frequencies without the need to reprogram as you travel. It can also send alerts when it detects nearby public safety transmissions.

Uniden has an online update manager designed specifically for the BearTracker 885, so you can update the scanners database as you need. The company’s website states databases are updated weekly.

Best Police Scanner App 2021 2022

Let us know, How does police scanner app work? When police speak anything on Walky Talky or on a scanner, then these apps scan their audio when it is at the transmitter end.

Now, these apps encode it and send it to the receiver end via the internet. This is the simplest working of all these apps.

What is the best free police scanner app?

On or the Internet, there are tons of apps are available but if you are looking for the best apps, then here are the 5 best police scanner app for iPhone 2021 shown in the Table.

S. No.
Police Scanner Radio

Q. Can you still listen to police on a scanner?

Ans. Yes, of course, guys, if you want to listen to the police, then with the help of various apps, you can listen to them. It is similar to the best free music app as well as the . If the police say anything, then with the help of these apps, you can hear whats happening in your area. In short, all these apps are like radio apps or podcast apps.

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Best Handheld Police Scanner: Whistler Trx

The Whistler TRX-1 packs all the features of high-end base digital police scanners into a handheld unit.

This model is pre-programmed with access to a nationwide database of frequencies, and it’s possible to store up to 200 lists or groups of preferred frequencies. It also features an additional list specifically dedicated to transmissions from Skywarn, a network of over 350,000 volunteers that track weather conditions. Whistler offers database updates through its website, and you can manually input frequencies as needed.

What’s more, you can set custom alarms to notify you whenever a frequency becomes active. For example, the LED can display a flash of red and blue light whenever the scanner picks up police transmissions. With the alarm clock function, the unit will turn on and starts scanning at a specific time each day.

Think About What You Want To Scan

Police Scanner 8 for Windows 8 and 8.1

Next, think about how you intend to use the app. If you plan to scan printed documents and turn them into PDFs, almost any scanner app will do. In some cases, however, you need an app with advanced features. For example, if you plan to scan whiteboards or images with text on them, you may need an app with optical character recognition or excellent image-cropping capabilities.

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What Is Radio Encryption

Encryption is simply scrambling the radio transmission so that it cannot be heard, the transmission is then encoded with an encryption key, encryption keys are programmed on radios, matching encryption keys will encrypt the message and the audio will be put back together if the encryption is correct.

The concept of radio encryption is similar to house keys.

Radios that dont have the correct encryptions keys will hear the transmission as garbled up.

Did you know that you can use RTL SDR dongle to listen to police radio conversations? Learn RTL SDR here

Ontario Pd Live Scanner Radio

The Ontario PV Live Scanner Radio app is another app that will satisfy your scanner listening needs. Though its not so popular police scanner app, its quite useful. A useful feature that youre going to find on this police scanner radio app is that you can record the feed youre listening to so you can listen to it later.

If you prefer, you can also share what youve recorded with others with the options that app has. Keep in mind that the Ontario PD Live Scanner Radio app will not work with your Bluetooth receiver, but overall its a great police scanner app. If you want you can also make a donation to help improve the app even more.

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Our Scanner App Reviews

Android | iOS

Genius Scan has a wide range of features that make it the all-around top pick. For teachers and students working virtually, Genius Scan makes it easy to scan completed work and upload it to an online grading portal. If youre trying to get organized at home, Genius Scan can help you reduce paper clutter without losing important information. Genius Scan also has flexible exporting options and high-resolution scanning, making it the ideal tool for scanning sheet music, paintings, and other types of creative output. If you own a business, have your employees download Genius Scan to give them the ability to scan receipts and other business documents even when theyre not in the office.

Notable features:

  • In-app purchases: Genius Scan+: $7.99 one-time fee, Genius Cloud: $2.99/month or $29.99/year
  • Support available: Help center, email
Genius Scan Pros & Cons


Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:


Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Using As A Police Scanner

Apps for COPS

I really enjoy this app! Have not delved beyond the police scanner yet, as that was main reason to use it. It works exactly as you would want for that. So many options! I live in a large city in CO and rest of my family live back in MI. This lets me not only know what is happening here in this huge city around me, but I can keep an ear out on my adult kids toInteresting how you learn that when police departments complain how underfunded they are, or under staffed, by hearing that on any given weekend, in any district, only 3-4 cars are on the late night shift, and complaint calls hold for over 24 hrs….you can understand the frustration from not only the people in the city, but very much so by the police who have to answer those insanely late response times! Last weekend Friday night, 2am, 4 different calls were held involving guns and knives simply because there was no one to respond! Yup. Sorry for the long story, but this app has actual learning value to it. 109% recommendation

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Best Free Ios Apps To Listen To Police Scanner Online In 2019

The police scanner app breaks the limit of the traditional police scanner requiring the radio and allows you to listen to live communication broadcasts from police, fire, and other emergency services wherever you are with the internet. If you want to stay up to date on what happens near you, you can install a police scanner app on the iPhone and turn your device to a radio scanner. However, there are a great many police scanners apps on the market, and it is hard work to find a decent one. In this article, we pick out five best police scanner apps for you to install and use on your iPhone. Before we start, please make sure it is legal to use a police scanner in your area, and never use it in the wrong place.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes, you may need the police to do some investigation of forensic data recovery from iPhone. You can use Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted messages, , etc. from your iPhone, iTunes backup, or iCloud backup easily.

Best Police Scanner Apps For Android

In the PlayStore, we have found tons of police scanner apps as usual. However, we find it very hard to make a list of the 20 best police scanner apps for Android as most of them are even not worth getting a second of you. After a long time of research, we finally got 20 apps. These apps come with a minimal interface, commercial-free service, instant scanning ability, and many more. You can check out their brief details that will take to the right app for your needs.

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Best For Low Prices: Whistler Ws1025 Analog Desktop Scanner

If what you want is a basic but reliable scanner for a very reasonable price, the Whistler WS1025 analog scanner fits the bill nicely. For around $100, this scanner can access emergency weather alerts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and frequencies used by storm spotter networks teams of volunteers that provide reports directly to the National Weather Service.

The Whistler WS1025 is an analog scanner, so your access to police, fire and medical emergencies departments may be limited . But if you live in a smaller town, and the signals youre interested in are analog, look no further.

The WS1025 has enough memory to store up to 200 channels. You can input frequencies manually or with a computer and categorize them into separate banks or lists based on signal type . You can also set a priority channel to be scanned every two seconds, even when youre searching for other available frequencies.

Best Vehicle: Uniden Bcd536hp

5 Free Windows 10 Police Radio Scanner Apps
  • Connects remotely to Uniden Siren App

  • No programming required

  • Pricey

Unidens BCD536HP scanner offers some of the easiest-to-program features available on a scanner. You just type in your zip code, and the scanner does the work for you. Theres even a Wi-Fi option that allows you to use the exclusive Uniden siren app on your smartphone or tablet to access the scanner from anywhere in the home or vehicle.

The LCD backlit keypad helps illuminate the unit, so you can see it in the dark and quickly access the controls. Included within the packaging are home and auto power cords, as well as a mounting bracket for inside the vehicle and a Wi-Fi dongle and telescoping antenna. Theres no battery power to worry about since this Uniden scanner runs entirely off the car battery . Additionally, the BCD536HP was one of the first Uniden scanners to incorporate the HomePatrol data, which allows the easy entering of a zip code and you’re ready to listen in.

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