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What’s The Cutoff Age To Become A Police Officer

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How old is too old to be a police officer?
  • Must be a citizen of the United States and be at least 20 years old by date of application, once applications become available.
  • Must not have reached their 30th birthday by the date of application, once applications become available. The maximum age may be extended one year for each year of full-time active military duty – up to a maximum of 7 years.
  • Have a high school graduate or equivalency diploma, at time of application.

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The Application Process For Police Officer Candidates

It isnt easy becoming a police officer. Potential candidates need to go through a stringent application process designed to weed out those who dont have what it takes to become outstanding police officers.

Police officers help maintain peace and order and ensure that members of the community stay safe. This job comes with immense responsibility. The application process itself is not for everyone.

Canadian police agencies generally follow the same process which involves a series of tests, checks and interviews, including:

  • A written exam
  • A polygraph exam
  • A background investigation

Some of these tests require detailed paperwork but minimal preparation. For some tests, like the physical tests, you would be best prepared if you did a fitness training program, prior to, depending on your fitness level. Other tests, like the polygraph exam, require no preparation at all.

Applicants can be declined at any point in the stages listed above and even if a candidate passes every stage, an offer of employment is not guaranteed.

Once you have completed all assessments, your entire application package is reviewed and measured against other applicants to determine the most suitable candidates for the role as a police officer.

If you are recruited, you can expect a conditional offer of employment that allows you to advance to the final step before you become a police officer: cadet training.

Minimum Requirements For Bc Police Officer Applicants

Before you apply, check to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. The following list of application requirements applies to most police agencies in British Columbia:

In addition to the above, the Vancouver Police Department prefers candidates who meet the following requirements:

  • Degree or diploma in any field of study or have at least 30 academic post-secondary credits
  • Proficiency in a second language
  • Volunteer experience in the community

The Victoria Police Department adds the following to their list of requirements and preferred qualifications:

  • If the applicant is a Permanent Resident, they will need to have held that status for a minimum of two years
  • Computer skills and demonstrated keyboarding ability required

Those applying for a police career in the Thompson-Okanagan region would apply to the RCMP since there is no municipal police force in that area. RCMP applicants need to meet the following additional requirements:

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General Information And Qualifications

The City and County of San Francisco invites you to join a highly respected police department and serve the citizens of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. San Francisco Police Officers perform a wide variety of duties to promote public safety and security, prevent crime and enforce the law. Police officers perform a number of essential functions. For example, they patrol districts to prevent and detect crime respond to calls for assistance conduct criminal investigations interact with the community to build cooperation and support pursue and arrest suspects enforce traffic and parking laws write reports and maintain records work with superiors, peers, and others as a team prepare for and participate in planned events prepare for court and give testimony and fulfill other administrative duties when required. This is much more than a job it is an opportunity to build a career of which you can be proud.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

How Much Control Do I Have Over How I Handle My Calls

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The Seattle Police Department takes a lot of pride in our officers. Patrol officers are the most visible representatives of our Department to the community. That is why training is so rigorous – by the time you are assigned to patrol you are ready to work independently. With the confidence of knowing that your co-workers are there for backup, and a solid foundation of laws, policies and tactics, your response to each call is ultimately up to you.

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Don’t Lose Your Applicant Pool

Youll lose a huge applicant pool by age 25. Many young men and women wont wait before trying to get on with a career. I was a 21-year-old Army veteran for my first police job and had some trouble because of immaturity, but people vary. I say leave it at age 21 and let the vetting and training process work. Scot Levno

Previous Drug Use Criteria

  • Drug use will be viewed in the context of the applicant’s age at the time of use, type of drug, how recently it was used, and the frequency of use. No illegal drug use will be allowed within 12 months of the date of application. No marijuana use within 6 months of application.
  • No sale of any drugs.
  • Could have permanent disqualification for use of heroin, LSD, PCP, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine or similar substances.
  • Any prior drug use, admitted or discovered, will be evaluated in determining employment eligibility.
  • No pattern of abuse of legal or legend drugs .
  • Must pass polygraph or CVSA concerning use.

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The Power Of Life Experience

Within any industry, general life experience is worth a lot. Young cops starting out come with little to no life experience and lets be realistic, you definitely benefit from it when working in law enforcement. Throughout the majority of the US you must be between 19 and 21 to become certified as a police officer. At this age, most rookies are unaware of the problems happening in the area on a daily basis, let alone know how to deal with them.

With age comes life experience. This will hugely benefit you in your role as an officer and law enforcement agencies know this.

What If I Am A Student

Police Jobs: Can I become a Police Officer at age 40?

The Atlanta Police Department encourages every officer to find time to increase his/her education, but basic law enforcement training is extremely demanding and the requirements of the department take priority. Employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement if he/she is enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning.

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How Hard Is It To Become A Police Officer At Age 50


If youre looking to start a new career in your 40s or 50s, law enforcement is an option. While minimum age requirements are standard for aspiring police officers, police departments with no maximum age are common. If yours is one of the few that does set a maximum age limit for police, you may have to relocate if you hope to wear the badge.


While police departments can set a maximum age limit, most do not. Fitness standards for someone applying in their 40s or 50s are often lower than for a 20-something applicant. However, youll still have to meet educational requirements and pass a background check.

Increasing Maximum Hiring Age Of New Police Officers Rejected By Park Ridge City Council Not Supported By Police Chief

Thank you for supporting our journalism. This article is available exclusively for our subscribers, who help fund our work at the Chicago Tribune.

A proposal to increase the maximum age at hiring of new police officers in Park Ridge failed to generate support from elected officials or the citys chief of police this month.

Six of Park Ridges seven aldermen said on Nov. 15 that they are not interested in pursuing an ordinance change that would bump up the cut-off age for new police officers from 35 to 40. The proposal would have applied to both entry-level hires and lateral transfers from other police departments.

Some elected officials also raised objections on how the proposal came about and that legal work on the ordinance was performed without authorization from the city.

The age change request came from the Park Ridge Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, a volunteer body with five members appointed by the mayor with approval of the City Council. Among the boards duties are establishing lists of qualified candidates for hiring and promotion within the police and fire departments.

Peter McNamara, chairman of the board, suggested that increasing the maximum age of new hires may allow for a larger pool of officer candidates at a time when the number of individuals applying to become police officers has fallen.

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Woman Who Hoped To Become A Toronto Police Officer Has Filed A Human Rights Complaint Alleging Ageism

Jim Rankintimer

Theresa Doherty believed her goal of becoming an officer with the Toronto Police Service was not only possible but that she was in line for a coveted job offer, and that it was only a matter of time.

In April 2014, three years into the lengthy process of applying, Doherty says a police background officer called her to attend a spring recruiting class and then asked a question that today has led her to file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

How old are you?

The question struck her as odd and inappropriate. Police already knew the answer. She was 51 when she passed an initial job interview.

Doherty, who was 53 at the time of the question, and today is 55, is a self-described late bloomer who put education and career aspirations on hold while raising six children.

I always thought that would be to my advantage, Doherty said in an interview at the dining room table of her rural Peterborough home. It doesnt matter how old you are. If you have successfully completed everything thats required and you continually do so, then age should not be a factor.

A police certification test that was good for three years had just expired when she was asked her age. According to Dohertys human rights complaint, the background officer told her she would need to redo paperwork and resubmit it, and believing she was still in line for a job she did so immediately.

Doherty says she did all of this while money was tight.

Portland Police Officer Training Prerequisites And Education Requirements

unnamed file 7 scaled

All prospective Portland police officers must be a minimum of 21 years old and have earned a high school diploma or GED. In addition, applicants must have earned at least one of the following qualifications: an associates degree or a minimum of 60 college credits a POST certificate from another state two years of active duty in the United States military four years in the military reserves two years of law enforcement experience in the state of Oregon or two years of employment as a Portland police cadet. Candidates must pass all stages of the hiring process to be conditionally hired as police recruits.

Selected applicants will be invited to attend the police academy. Recruits must complete two training sessions, the 16-week Oregon Basic Academy in Salem and the 12-week Portland Advanced Academy in Portland. Recruits are paid entry-level salaries during training academy sessions. Following graduation from the academy, police officers must complete an 18-month probationary period before becoming tenured police officers with the PPB.

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How Much Will I Be Paid

Starting salary levels for a new police constable may vary by force area, so please check your chosen force website. Generally speaking, starting salaries for police apprentices are around £18,450. Once youve passed your probation, you normally receive an annual pay rise, with the maximum salary for police constables being around £40k.

How Old Is Too Old To Become A Correctional Officer

While its true that there are minimum requirements to becoming a correctional officer, but rarely if ever do you see any mention to a persons age as a disqualifier from being hired. Quite the opposite, you will normally see a minimum age requirement anywhere from age 18-21 years of age.

So if there is a minimum age to becoming a correctional officer, is there a maximum age cut-off for a career in corrections?

Well, as you may know, the requirements vary from state to state, and federal and private prison facilities will also have their own set of rules and regulations that they follow, so for the latest information check out the correctional officer requirements for your particular state on our homepage for contact information of the department of corrections in your area.

To give you an example of what could be considered the maximum age limit for your initial appointment as correctional officer, in New York bill S4261-2011 set to establish a maximum age limit for New York City correctional officers from being appointed to positions over the age of 35 years old.

For those seeking to become Federal Correctional Officers, the maximum age 36 years of age has been established in accordance to 5 U.S.C. 3307 for those seeking their initial appointment to a Bureau Of Prisons facility. If you are a Qualified Preference Eligible Veteran, verified by your SF-50 and other additional information, then the maximum age is then extended to 37 years of age.

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Career Considerations After Applying

Being a police officer is a physically demanding job and you will likely be working with rookies much younger than you. Police officers work long hours and are often scheduled on a shift rotation. Carefully consider if the job requirements match with your current lifestyle and commitments at home. Also remember police officers go through a probationary period and promotion through the ranks usually requires years of service as well as more exams and physical testing. If youre applying to be an officer at 48, you wont likely be applying for a promotion until into your 50s.


Minimum Age Limit For Police

Becoming A Police Officer: The Hiring Process

The minimum age for new recruits to begin their application process with a police force ranges from 17 to 21 years old. According to the NYPD, in the New York City Police Department, a 17½-year-old may register and take the written civil service exam, the first step to becoming an officer. Even if the candidate passes the application process, however, he can’t be hired as an officer until he’s 21. In San Diego, recruits must be 20 years old to take the exam and 21 when they graduate from the police academy. The Los Angeles Police Department won’t allow a new recruit to begin training at the police academy until he’s 21, while an 18-year-old can file his application with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

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Do Patrol Officers Just Respond To Dispatched Calls

As first responders, a big part of patrol is responding to 9-1-1 calls, which can range from the mundane to the truly extraordinary. Patrol officers also respond to “on-view” incidents, or a situation they see occurring. In addition, Patrol Officers get to know the area they are assigned to and the community members they serve within their beat. When not responding directly to calls, or providing backup to other officers, patrol officers use proactive time to combat on-going crime problems in specific neighborhoods.

Where Will I Be Deployed If I Join A Particular Police Force Covering A Large Area

A number of factors will need to be considered when deploying you on duties, particularly the operational needs of the area. However, you may discuss any restrictions you have with your force and they will do what they can to support individual needs whilst ensuring operational requirements are fulfilled.

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Other Qualifications For Officers

Age isn’t the only factor prospective candidates should consider when preparing to apply to be a police officer. Most jurisdictions have minimum qualifications that include having at least graduated high school and residing in the area where they’re applying. Many departments require more than a high school equivalency, instead wanting applicants to have at least 60 college semester credits or up to two years’ work experience.


What Is The Maximum Age To Become An Officer In The Military

unnamed file 8

The maximum age for a commission is age 35. It is because a military officer must be able to have 20 years of service, to be retirement eligible for the maximum retirement age of 55.

There are a few exceptions: Military medical officers and chaplains can be commissioned up to the age of 47 with waivers into their 50s . Depending upon the need for doctors, psychologists, chaplains , and legal officers as well, the maximum age can be waived.

Those with prior enlisted service can receive waivers . Of course, there are exceptions to every rule as many senior officers serve well past the age 55 with 30 plus years of service. But typically with NO prior military service that age is 35 years old.

Aviators have different age requirements, which are specific to the service.

The typical route to joining the military as an older officer after college is though Officer Candidates School as the route through ROTC or the Service Academies have younger age limits. All the branches have their individual officer training programs:

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