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Where To File Police Report For Identity Theft

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What Happens After A Police Report Is Filed

File a Police Report for Identity Theft

A report is evaluated by the police before they pass it on to the prosecutor. After review by the police it can be held by the police to see if this is a reoccurring problem or it can be sent to the prosecutors office. They then decide to file it with the court or to reject the case. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action.

There is no fee to file a report, however, once a police report is filed, there is a fee in most counties to get a copy which typically takes a few weeks. What If a False Police Report is Filed? In the U.S. filing a false police report is considered a crime. The criminal statues differ from state to state.

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Filing A Police Report Online

This system allows you to submit a report from your computer or mobile device without going to an OPP detachment. All submissions will be sent directly to the OPP and reviewed by an officer. You may be contacted to provide more information. You must have a valid e-mail address in order to submit a report.

To file a report online, please follow the simple steps below:

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Reports You Can Submit Online

  • Theft from vehicle no limit on value of property
  • Theft of property no limit on value of property
  • Theft of credit or debit card regardless of fraudulent use.
  • Mischief to vehicle such as vandalism, unless there is evidence of a collision such as paint transfer
  • Mischief to property such as vandalism
  • Lost property with the exception of government-issued ID such as passports. Please call your local district office to report lost government issued documents.
  • Attempted stolen vehicle regardless of damage value
  • Break & enter an unlocked premise Entry gained by unknown persons to detached garages, secure parkades, vehicle parkades, porches, sheds, storage lockers and laundry rooms. If entry occurs by forced or kicked indoor, or lock cut then report should be reported to 403-266-1234.
  • Theft from a parkade or vehicle parked in a parkade only if no forced entry, otherwise call 403-266-1234.
  • Theft of mail including deliveries from postal services such as UPS.

Filing a false police report is a crime.

Note: Please turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report.

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Using Online Police Reports

The following reports are appropriate for filing an Online Police Report:

  • Additional Loss List

To use the online reports form, please confirm:

  • It is NOT an emergency.

  • The incident does not involve domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, or a stolen vehicle.

  • The incident occurred within Stockton city limits.

  • If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you can file your report online.

    Upon completing the report, print a free copy of the report for your records and look for:

    • Confirmation text: Your report has been submitted.
    • Temporary case number

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    Consider A Credit Freeze

    Identity Theft Police Report

    The strongest protection against new accounts being opened in your name is a credit freeze, also called a security freeze. A freeze means that your file cannot be shared with potential creditors, insurers, employers, or residential landlords without your permission. For more information, see our CIS 10: How to Freeze Your Credit Files.

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    S To File A Police Report On Stolen Items On Your Own

    There are various steps involved in filing a police report online. Were going to walk you through the process step-by-step to help you successfully file your report online.

  • Identify your local police departments website. Once youre on the website, locate the link that takes you to their online police reporting system. Keep in mind that not every police station will have an option for you to file a report online. Police departments that dont have an online system mean that you will need to make your report in person.
  • The next step is to select the appropriate type of incident. The police department should have each incident you can file labeled separately. Click the appropriate incident for stolen items.
  • The next step is to gather information. Before starting your police report, its important to gather all of your information. This is because some police departments only allow a certain amount of time to complete your application. Refer to the section above if you need help with what information to gather.
  • Next, enter all of the information youve gathered to fill out the report. Most police reports do not allow you to submit anonymously, so be sure to provide all of your contact information.
  • Lastly, submit your report, and be sure to print off a copy.
  • Filing A Police Report For Identity Theft

    Unlike other crimes, identity theft doesnt always require your local law enforcement agencys immediate support. The cops will even turn you away if you have insufficient evidence.

    To stop identity thieves effectively from abusing your PII, the FTC encourages doing the following before reporting identity theft to local police:

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    How To Generate An Electronic Signature For The Police Report Example Theft Form Right From Your Smart Phone

    Get police blotter sample theft signed right from your smartphone using these six tips:

  • Type in your phones browser and log in to your account. If you dont have an account yet, register.
  • Search for the document you need to electronically sign on your device and upload it.
  • Open the doc and select the page that needs to be signed.
  • Click on My Signature.
  • Create your eSignature, and apply it to the page.
  • Check that everythings fine and press Done.
  • The whole procedure can take less than a minute. You can download the signed to your device or share it with other parties involved with a link or by email, as a result. Because of its universal nature, signNow works on any gadget and any OS. Use our eSignature solution and forget about the old times with affordability, efficiency and security.

    Report Identity Theft To Other Organizations

    How To File A Police Report After Identity Theft | Aura

    You can also report the theft to other organizations, such as:

    • Credit Reporting Agencies – Contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert or freeze on your credit report. Also get copies of your credit reports, to be sure that no one has already tried to get unauthorized credit accounts with your personal information. Confirm that the credit reporting agency will alert the other two credit reporting agencies.

    • National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center – Report cases of identity theft due to a stay in a nursing home or long-term care facility.

    • Financial Institutions – Contact the fraud department at your bank, credit card issuers and any other places where you have accounts.

    • Retailers and Other Companies – Report the crime to companies where the identity thief opened credit accounts or even applied for jobs.

    • State Attorney General Offices – Check with your state’s attorney general office for tips, checklists, or an advocate to help you recover from identity theft.

    You may need to get new personal records or identification cards if you’re the victim of ID theft. Learn how to replace your vital identification documents after identity theft.

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    Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Id Theft:

    • Get smart about internet safety and protecting sensitive information online ».
    • Opt out of pre-screened offers for credit cards and insurance. Reduce or call 1-888-5-OPTOUT to greatly reduce the amount of mail you receive.
    • Keep documents with sensitive information in a safe place. Never leave items like your social security or Medicare card in places that are vulnerable to theft such as your wallet or car.
    • Shred any documents that contain sensitive information before disposing of them.

    Investigations Begin With A Verbal Or Written Complaint

    Investigations typically begin with the filing of a verbal or written complaint when police arent called to the scene of an active crime, in which case an arrest might be made immediately and a complaint and investigation would follow. Cases that begin with a complaint are usually followed by sending officers to the crime scene, or to interview and take custody of the individual whos being charged.

    Officers interview witnesses and gather physical evidence, if any, and summarize their efforts in their field notes. The accused should receive a copy of this report and has a right to ask for one if its not offered voluntarily.

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    Gradually Repair The Damage

    Stay wary of new bank accounts, criminal records, credit lines, parking tickets, and court summons under your name. They might be the work of your identity thief.

    We understand that the letters and emails might feel overwhelming, but rest assured, the law will protect your right as an identity theft victim.

    Again, no institution can hold you accountable for fraud transactions. Make multiple copies of your FTC and police reports so that you can send them to anyone demanding otherwise.

    What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

    Blank Police Report Templates

    You should file an online report with the Federal Trade Commission at You can also report the incident by phone at . However, we recommend filing an online report as you can print it to share with your local authorities and lenders.

    To file an online report, simply follow the prompts asking you to describe the type of ID theft that best describes your situation if your information was exposed in a data breach or used to get government benefits, for example.

    Through, you can also create an account that gives you access to an identity recovery plan based on your particular situation. Other helpful resources available in the site include sample letters you can send to credit bureaus and lenders asking to get inaccurate information removed from your credit report.

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    How The Police Help With Identity Theft

    Before filing a police report for identity theft, familiarize yourself with your local law enforcement agencys limitations.

    The FTC generally handles identity theft cases. Your local cops can only help if you have any clues about the perpetrators location or identity.

    Otherwise, theyll just redirect you to the FTC. Based on the stories we read, most unsuspecting fraud victims only got a pamphlet on identity theft when they turned to the police.

    With that said, dont focus on police reports unless you have hard evidence. Instead, routinely check your credit reports, bank statements, FTC account, and tax statements for signs of fraud.

    Before You Report A Crime Online

    Before choosing to report a crime online, please note that an incident cannot be reported online if:

    • The crime occurred outside of York Region. If the crime occurred outside of York Region, please contact the areas local police service.
    • Threats or violence occurred.
    • The crime is rooted in hate or bias, or related to domestic violence.
    • You know the suspect, have information related to a vehicle involved in the crime, or evidence is left behind.

    Before reporting online, please also confirm you have a valid email address and have turned off any pop-up blocking settings, plugins or software.

    Filing a false police report is a crime.

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    How To Report A Crime Over The Internet

    You can report certain types of minor crime committed in British Columbia online. The Vancouver, Victoria and Surrey police department websites offer online crime reporting.

    To report a crime in:

    If you live outside these areas, please call your local police or visit their website to find out what options are available in your community for reporting a crime online.

    Reporting a crime online is only appropriate in non-urgent situations. Remember to always call 911 for emergencies.

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    How Can You Minimize Your Risk

    DMV Accepts Identity Theft Police Reports–File Them There!
    • Protect your SIN. Dont use it as a piece of ID and never reveal it to anyone unless you are certain the person asking for it is legally entitled to that information. When an organization requests your SIN, ask if it is legally required to collect it, and if not, offer other forms of ID.
    • Pay attention to your billing cycle and ask about any missing account statements or suspicious transactions.
    • Immediately report lost or stolen credit or debit cards.
    • Carry only the ID you need.
    • Do not write down any passwords or carry them with you.
    • Protect your computer and its information by installing Internet security software products.
    • Be extremely careful when you provide personal information via email or over the Internet. Take extra care when providing information on social networking sites such as Facebook.

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    Important Steps To Take If You Notice Any Red Flags

    • Request a free credit report.
    • Visit which has data from the major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
    • File an Identity Theft Report with the FTC.
    • Report the Identity Theft to the Credit Bureaus.
    • Consider a credit freeze.
    • Notify your cellular carrier to prevent SIM swapping.
    • Consider canceling all your bank accounts and credit cards.
    • Immediately change the usernames and passwords to your online accounts.

    How To File An Identity Theft Report On Identitytheftgov

    Head over to and choose the prompt that best describes your situation.

    Continue to click the appropriate responses, and the online wizard will automatically fill out your Identity Theft Affidavit .

    According to the FTCâs privacy policy, you can choose how much personal information you feel comfortable providing. Everything you share will be entered into a secure online database.

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    What Is The Minimum Sentence For Identity Theft

    Committing identity theft can lead to significant incarceration. Aggravated identity theft is punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years, which can increase based on the severity of the crimes. In rare cases, first-time offenders that didnt inflict major harm can avoid jail time for identity theft.

    Financial Crimes / Identity Theft

    Identity theft Police Report Example

    Definition: The unauthorized use of a check, credit card, social security number and or identification when the suspect is unknown. Example: unauthorized purchases made on your credit card, someone other than yourself using your identity internet scams and bank fraud. When the suspect is known by the victim , contact this Department by calling 744-4241.

    To report Financial Crimes / Identity Theft, fill out the form below. Print and deliver the report to the following address. You will sign the form at the Department in the presence of a police employee.

    Pasadena Police Department

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    Tips When Filing A Police Report

    With luck, filing a police report will go smoothly. You can then concentrate on taking steps to recover from identity theft.

    But some police departments may not be fully prepared to take your report. For instance, officers may be preoccupied with other crimes or unfamiliar with how to handle identity theft cases.

    Here are some tips that can help.

    • Be firm, but calm when seeking to file a police report.
    • Try to remain flexible. The police may send you to a website to fill out a form, instead of taking your information in person.
    • Contact your state attorney generals office if the police are unable or unwilling to take your report. States may have different processes for filing a report. An attorney generals office or website may be able to provide the details.
    • Be specific. When you make a police report, give detailed information about the identity theft, such as dates accounts were opened in your name or who might have committed the fraud.
    • Make copies of your identity theft police report and your FTC complaint. Youll need these to resolve any disputes with companies where the identity thief used your name.

    Bottom line: Reporting identity theft to the police or the FTC is a smart step to take. It could save time and money as you recover from identity theft.

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    How To File A Police Report For Identity Theft In 3 Steps

    1. Locate Your FTC Identity Theft Report. As mentioned, your local police department will ask for this, so make sure to bring it to the police station.

    2. Gather your personally identifying documents to verify your identity and prove that you are who you claim to be:

    • Your government-issued photo ID, such as a driverâs license or passport.
    • Proof of address, such as your name and address on mortgage paperwork, a rental agreement, utility bills, paystubs, Internal Revenue Service forms, etc.

    3. Bring specific evidence of identity theft. Print out copies or bring your credit card statements, bank account statements, IRS notices, collection letters, data breach notifications, etc. Make sure these are dated, too.

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    How To Protect Your Identity

    If you have been a victim of identity theft, you are probably anxious to protect your identity as much as you can going forward. There are several things you can do that will help you protect your reputation and your credit.

    Ask your creditors about credit locks, fraud alerts, and security freezes on your accounts. Some even offer additional monitoring of your credit which may be worth having for a while. Our experts outline all this and more in our ID theft prevention guide.

    Here are more steps you can take right now to help mitigate the damage from your information leak.

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