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How To Get Police Report After Car Accident

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How to File a Police Report After a Car Accident – Bachus & Schanker

Naturally, most injured victims that contact our firm want to know about the financial consequences of the collision. A common question that potential clients ask us when they call is whether their car insurance rates will increase as a result of the collision even if they werent at fault. The answer: no.

What To Consider When Filing A Police Report After A Car Accident

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Filing a police report after a car accident is an important step. Documenting the details ensures that all parties are protected.

It’s good to contact the police any time you’re in a car accident. In some states, it is even required. Either way, you are better off letting the police decide whether they should come to the scene of the crash.

Once you’ve called the police, you will have done your part to protect yourself and follow the law. This will be helpful if someone files a lawsuit later.

Car Accident Reports Are A Critical Piece Of Evidence

Car accident police reports are the most basic form of proof that your accident happened, that the liable party was involved, and that your injuries stem from the accident. Without the report, it is much easier for the liable partys insurance company to call your story into question and deny you compensation.

An accident report is one piece of evidence among many that will enable you to block the insurance companys attempts to reduce your payout. However, you will still need to:

  • Notify the insurance company about your lawsuit
  • Collect other forms of evidence to strengthen your case
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to get them to pay what you deserve
  • Fight your case in the courts, if the insurance company refuses to pay
  • File all paperwork and manage all communications in a timely, professional manner
  • Deal with insurance companies who might try to manipulate you into saying or doing something that undermines your pursuit of damages

Again, hiring a car accident lawyer who serves New York and Long Island is an effective way to protect your rights after a crash.

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How To Obtain A Police Report For A Car Accident

Home » Frequently Asked Questions » Car Accidents » How to Obtain a Police Report for a Car Accident

Your lawyer can tell you how to obtain a police report for a car accident. The process generally entails:

  • Determining which law enforcement agency responded to your accident
  • Contacting that agency and requesting a report
  • Providing any information the agency requests to find your report
  • Picking up the report in person or providing a mailing address

You may also purchase a crash report from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles . Your lawyer can also obtain your accident report for you.

Can You File A Police Report Days After An Accident

Car Accident Police Report Sample

You should contact the police anytime that you are in a car accident so that it will be recorded and they can gather all the necessary details and reports that you might need in the future when it comes to making a claim.

Even if the car accident isnt very serious, you should still contact the police to notify them, and they will decide whether or not it is necessary to come out to the location where the accident took place.

For minor accidents, they might decide not to come out, but in some states, it is actually a legal requirement to contact the police after an accident. If you dont, you could get into trouble, and it could affect the outcome if the case were severe enough to go to court.

Contacting the proper authorities is really important in order to protect yourself under the law. This will only benefit you if you decide to file a lawsuit against another driver.

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Why You Should File A Police Report After Your Auto Accident

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  • Why You Should File a Police Report after Your Auto Accident

Posted on: September 1, 2022

Obtain A North Carolina Police Report In Person Or By Mail

To get a copy of the police report about a car accident you were in, you may contact the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles or the local police department that responded to the accident.

The DMV requires you to complete a TR-67A form and will provide certified copies of police reports for $5.50 each. You may:

  • Visit DMV Headquarters in person at 1100 New Bern Avenue in Raleigh.
  • Mail your request and a completed TR-67A form to:

NCDOT-DMV Traffic Records SectionRaleigh, NC 27697-3106

Local police departments will have their own policies for providing records to the public.

The Jacksonville, N.C., Police Department says you can request a police report by mail or go to the police department in person to get a copy. Ordering a police report by mail requires a self-addressed and stamped envelope. The address is:

Jacksonville Police DepartmentJacksonville, NC 28541

Police Department records division hours are 8 a.m. to midnight daily.

There may be a fee for copies of police reports from the Jacksonville police. For three pages or more, the cost is $0.15 per page or $0.35 for color.

You must be a person involved in the crash or a representative of the affected party to receive a copy of a police report.

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Why Do You Need A Police Report After The Accident

If you have never experienced a traffic accident, perhaps you dont know what to do in a situation like that.

Usually, after a car accident, people run off calling the insurance companies, arranging doctors appointments for the injured, and some try to take off from work to get a better grip on the situation.

But the one thing you must do first is to get a copy of the police report.

A police report incorporates all the essential information about the accident scene, causes, and consequences. It includes the name and contact information of the parties involved in that accident.

Further, it determines the exact location of the accident, position, and directions of the cars involved in that accident, and how it occurred.

In fact, without this report, you cannot prove your story. To win fair compensation from the insurance companies, a police report is a prerequisite.

How Can I Get My Police Report Online

How To Obtain the Police Report After A Car Accident – Spaulding Injury Law

Many people avoid going to the police station personally. Instead, they prefer the online method for obtaining the police report of their car accident.

To get the report online, you can visit the website This website allows you to purchase a copy of your car accident report.

They charge a nominal fee of $5 per report. It is not a government-owned website but a private website that offers report purchasing and other legal aids to handle accident cases.

In some states, to get the police report online, you must visit the official police departments website. There you fill out an online form incorporating your information and submit it.

The police department asks you to wait for six weeks from the date of submission of your request.

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Is All The Information In The Report Factual Or Opinion

The police report is written by an enforcement officer who bases their opinion on specific facts in the case. Because the investigating officer is a trained third-party bystander, those opinions hold more weight.

That said, both insurance companies also come to their own decision on the matter. Usually, the insurance companies have an investigator determine what happened in the accident. If all sides do not agree, that is when the case gets brought into court.

When Is A Car Accident Report Required By Law In Georgia

Under Georgia law, you must call 911to report a car accident in certain circumstances. For instance, if the crash happened in a city or county with a local ordinance requiring a report, when anyone involved in the accident has been hurt or killed, when the vehicle or other property damage is more than $500, and when one is required for reporting to an insurance company.

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Do I Need A Police Report After A Car Accident

Yes, its a good idea to get a police report after any type of vehicle accident. It serves as official documentation that can protect you in a potential insurance claim or lawsuit. By law, Virginia residents have to report a car accident to authorities if it results in injury, damage to attended property, or death.

What about minor collisions that cause minimal property damage? At the time of the incident, you may think calling the police is overkill, but its truly the best way to preserve your rights. Even in situations where all parties are amicable, and liability is not contested, theres no telling what the other driver will say or do later on. They could attempt to sue you for vehicle repairs or an injury you didnt cause.

Police reports are valuable documentation

Regardless of who is being blamed for the crash, you should request a copy of the police report. This document provides critical information for both your insurance provider and your car accident lawyer.

The reality is that few people are thinking clearly in the first moments after a car accident. You may be in a state of shock or injured, but completely unaware thanks to surging adrenaline. Injuries like whiplash can take time to show symptoms. In some cases, it may be several days before you get achy and notice that things are not quite right.

Information that is included in a police report

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How To Get A Police Report After A Car Accident In Florida

Car Accident Police Report Sample

On Behalf of South Florida Law, PLLC | Jan 21, 2022 | Firm News |

After a car accident in Florida, its necessary to call the police. Not only will law enforcement officers help you get the medical attention you need if youre injured, but they will also complete a crash report. This report can be helpful to your attorney if you intend to sue, so knowing how to get a police report after a car accident in Florida is important.

Obtaining a police report for a car accident in Florida is relatively simple. Victims have three options. They can request a report online, which is the most convenient method. Requests can also be made by mail or in person at the correct law enforcement office. If youre having difficulty requesting a crash report, a Florida lawyer can do so for you. Police reports can contain important details that can be helpful to an attorney during a lawsuit.

The at South Florida Law, PLLC can help you obtain a police report. Our lawyers can use crash reports to support your claim against a negligent driver. Call the Florida car accident attorneys at South Florida Law, PLLC at 932-7877 today for a free case evaluation.

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Whats In A Police Accident Report Do I Get A Copy

A police report can be filed for many reasons like after a car accident, a vehicle theft, or a break-in. But what makes police reports so important, and why do insurance companies ask for them when you file a claim? Learn about the important information that’s recorded on a police report and how to get a copy when you’re involved in an incident.

Information Needed To Access A Crash Report In Massachusetts

First off, it is important to understand that you can usually only access a police report if you were actually involved in the crash . Check with the local police department or your Malden car accident attorney if you have any questions about your ability to access the report. As for the information needed, you can usually access a police report with very basic information about the crash and who was involved.

The information of the person submitting the request and the information about the driver are both needed to access a report. Since youre probably requesting the report for yourself, this would obviously be the same information. You will also need information about the crash, such as the date and location of the accident.

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How To Order And Access Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

DMV keeps accident reports for 4 years from the date of an accident, except for rare cases. 1

You can order a certified accident report online. 2

You will need to pay a search fee . 3 To order reports you will need to pay an additional $15 fee .

You can search, purchase, and immediately download certified accident reports online.

You must pay both a

  • $7.00 search fee, and
  • $15.00 report fee for each report 4

Please note: you must complete Step 1 of the online transaction before you will be able to perform a free or paid search.

First: Do a Free limited search to see if the DMV has your report

To see if your report is available in our system use ‘List Reports on File by Date’ to see a list of accidents by the county and date you select . The list of accidents will include the plate numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident.

If there are reports you want, you will need to do a paid search before you can order them.

Second: Do a ‘Paid’ search

To search for your report use ‘Search by Plate Number, License Number, or DMV Accident Case Number’ .

You will be charged a fee even if

  • you enter the incorrect information, or
  • if the report are not found

Each search costs $7.

Next: Order your reports

To order reports, you will need one of the following

  • the plate number of a vehicle involved in the crash/accident, and/or
  • the driver license number of a person who was involved in the accident, and/or
  • the 8-digit DMV case number .

Each report costs $15. 5

Will The Police Officer File A Colorado Accident Report

Should you file a police report after an auto accident?

In Colorado, police officers usually file a crash report if there is property damage in excess of $1,000 or someone was injured or killed.

An accident report will be filed if one or more drivers involved did not have car insurance, but otherwise, the officer might not bother to make and file a report.

In this case, you should file a personal accident report with the Department of Revenue within 60 days of the crash to make sure there is an official record of what happened.

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Obtain A Traffic Collision Report

Traffic Collision Reports may be released to authorized persons such as victims, representative of the victim, or such individuals as provided in Section 20012 of the Vehicle Code, by requesting the report online or via United States Mail.


  • Traffic Collision Reports that involve an arrest, fatality, or juvenile cannot be released online and must be requested through United States Mail.
  • Traffic Collision Reports issued prior to February 1, 2016, must be requested through United States Mail.


  • Before attempting to obtain a copy of a Traffic Collision Report online, please allow a minimum of 45 days from the date of the collision to allow the report to be reviewed and approved for release.

To Obtain Traffic Collision Reports Online

If you would like to obtain your Traffic Collision Report online, please click on the link below:

Powered byLexisNexis

To Obtain Traffic Reports via United States Mail

To request a report through the United States Mail, download and complete the Traffic Collision Report Request and return it with a $16.00 check or money order payable to the LAPD to:

Los Angeles Police Department

Reasons To File Your Own Police Report

Should the police decline to come to your minor auto accident, an official police document will be an asset for the following reasons:

  • Delay in damages. Not all damage to the cars or the people involved is apparent at the scene of an auto accident.
  • Future liability. Even if you and the other driver appear to agree about what caused the accident, you can’t be sure that they will hold this same opinion later on. A police report is a powerful document should there be litigation.
  • Facilitating a settlement. A police report may expedite the insurance claim process.

Be sure to notify your insurance agent immediately when you are involved at the scene of an auto accident. Safety Insurance offers a you should exchange with the other driver.

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What About Fender Benders

Fender benders are generally considered minor accidents, usually at low speeds, so the damage is minimal.

When youre involved in a fender bender, its good to notify your insurer no matter how minor the accident is, even if a private agreement has been reached. If you do so, you can protect yourself from the other driver turning around and suing you for personal injury or property damage.

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