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Can Police Scan For Insurance

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How Can I Check Who Im Insured With

Sault cops’ new license plate scanner

With most of us holding more than one type of insurance policy, such as car, home and travel, it can be easy to forget who youre insured with.

Fortunately, if you cant remember your insurance company there are several ways to find out:

  • Check your bank statements: look for any payments to an insurance company around the time its due.

  • Check your emails: run a search for car insurance to see whether you have correspondence from your car insurer. Its worth checking spam and trash folders too

  • Retrieve a quote: if youve used a comparison site to run a quote, see if you can log back in and look it up

  • Lodge a Subject Access Request: you can do this through the MIB, but you may be charged a fee

Automatic License Plate Recognition Scanning Systems

Automatic License Plate Recognition scanning systems are one of the newest technologies in the hands of law enforcement. The system consists of several cameras mounted on a police cruiser, hooked up to a computer inside the vehicle. The number and letter images on license plates are scanned and matched with an on-board, real-time database. This database can be set with flags for vehicles that have been identified or tagged for any reason, including:

  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Wanted for an Amber Alerts
  • Expired Registration
  • Expired Insurance
  • Wanted as Persons of Interest for any investigation

Any time one of these alerts is triggered, the officer in the vehicle is immediately alerted to your presence, and for what reason your car has been flagged.

The system can also be matched with the owner of the vehicle via a DMV database. So if you are the owner of a car and have a

  • Outstanding Municipal Taxes or other Fines and Fees
  • Are Wanted for any other police or government purpose

you can find yourself stopped by the police in a heartbeat, just for driving down the street, and not committing any traffic violation.

Update: Are State Laws And Privacy Advocates Pushing Back

The good news is that pushback is happening, in the courts and the state legislatures.

Recently, the Federal Eight Circuit court of Appeals found that private license plate data collection companies do not have unlimited First Amendment rights to photograph everything and scan and save the data. States like Arkansas in this case have tried to pass restrictions on data collection. The Arkansas law stands, and only allows data collection from government entities. The Plaintiff in the case, Digital Recognition Network Inc was hoping to get its own data collected by private towing companies or other venues, in order to sell the data to other private entities repo firms, car insurance investigators, or anyone else who would pay.

And California just passed a new law requiring ALPR operators to safeguard the data and personal privacy of the individuals and cars scanned in data sweeps. With the data defined as personal, any security breach of personal data would trigger notification requirements to be disclosed to the individuals.

Essentially this gives individuals the right to sue private companies if they are hacked and their private location data is exposed. These changes to Californias civil code become effective on Jan 1, 2016.

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Criminal Charges

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Police Scanner Frequency Basics

Police scanners allow you to pick up radio frequencies & listen to communication on those frequencies much like an FM radio allows you to listen to different channels by changing the dial from 93.7FM to 102.5FM. By changing the channel, your radio is picking up one signal & blocking out another. Scanners operate the same way, however, the frequency you listen to & the scanner needed to use to pick up that frequency vary greatly based on where you live and what you want to listen to .

Radio frequencies in the US are defined & regulated by the FCC. Below is a visual representation of entire radio spectrum in the USA:

Overwhelming, right? Dont worry, you only need to know what ‘format’ is required in your area.

How Do Police Officers Check If A Car Is Insured

BCD325P2 Police Scanner

The most common way police officers check the insurance status of a car is the good ol pullover. In that case, all they have to do is ask for your insurance papers and maybe call the insurance company to make sure it checks out.

In some states, police officers have access to the Automatic License Plate Recognition . The device scans your plate automatically and gives up-to-date reports about registration and insurance.

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Do Cars Have To Be Insured In All States

In the United States, there are only two states where auto insurance is not required- Virginia and New Hampton. So, in all the other 48 states, you are legally expected and required to get insurance as soon as you get a car.

Failure to get an insurance in any of these states means you stand at risk of incurring first-time penalties between $500-$1,000. Some states even charge as much as $5,000 for the first offense.

Across the 48 states, however, there are some differences in the degree of insurance you have to get. While some only require liability insurance , some others require personal injury protection, which covers medical expenses.

As for the outlier states, while they do not require insurance, Virginia and New Hampshire have some insurance alternatives:

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Making Sure You Have The Legally Required Car Insurance

The best way to make sure that you are not in the frustrating situation of being pulled over without valid insurance is to prevent it from it happening to you in the first place.

There are so many options for getting the legally required car insurance in your state.

It does not take long at all to get quotes from multiple insurance companies, so you do not have to jump at the first company that offers you coverage.

Shopping around is the way that you can make sure you get the best deal for coverage and are presented with multiple options to research for auto insurance.

If you do not meet your responsibility to make payments for your car insurance policy, the insurer will simply drop your coverage.

Consequences Of Driving Uninsured

Police unveil licence-plate scanner

More:What are state minimums for auto insurance in Massachusetts?

If you dont have car insurance and still decide to get on the road, you are very likely to face serious consequences. This is because you are putting yourself as well as others lives at risk.

So, what happens if you get caught driving without insurance? That depends on where you live because state laws vary, and so do the penalties for driving uninsured.

For example, for your first offense in Alabama, you have to pay a $500 fine, could face imprisonment for up to three months, and see your license suspended .

In Vermont, the penalties are less severe. Drivers will have to pay a fine of between $250 and $500, and their license will be suspended until they can provide proof of financial responsibility.

In general, if you drive without proper car insurance in many states you run a risk of:

  • Being cited for a misdemeanor and ordered a mandatory court appearance
  • Paying a fine for driving uninsured
  • Having to provide current proof of insurance before being allowed to drive again
  • Submitting an SR-22 for future insurance verification
  • Paying towing, storage, and impound fees for your vehicle

However, if you are from New Hampshire you do not have to worry about these penalties as it is the only state where car insurance isnt required.

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How Police Catch Uninsured Drivers

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Although car insurance is required in 49 states and the District of Columbia, nearly 30 million Americans choose to drive uninsured. And, surprising as it may be, the majority manage to stay off Johnny Laws radar. But perhaps not for long.

The growing popularity of automatic license plate recognition systems, which allow law enforcement real-time access to uninsured-motorist databases in their state, may soon change how police catch uninsured drivers. In some places, it already has.

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What Does Flood Insurance Cover

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How Do Officers Check If Your Insurance Is Valid

These days, police officers have real-time systems that can check if your auto insurance is valid and meets state requirements.

One of the ways to do this is by running your vehicles license plates. Before even checking your drivers license, a police officer can access a web portal and check the current status of your license and car insurance by entering your license plate number.

These electronic systems have the latest information on your car insurance because of the strong communication between insurance companies and the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV. Whenever you renew your insurance policy or change any details, the new information is updated in these electronic verification systems.

Hence, the police can rely on the information in these systems. As a result, theres no way drivers can hand over invalid insurance documents without being caught and getting a ticket or worse.

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Car Insurance Dodgers Caught By Anpr

In the UK police can tell if a car does not have valid car insurance by using automatic number plate recognition technology.

A network of closed circuit television cameras and cameras mounted in police vehicles captures images of number plates and use optical character recognition to determine the registration of cars using UK roads. If a vehicle is spotted which DVLA and insurance industry records indicate is unregistered, or does not have a valid MOT or valid insurance cover, police can, under UK motoring law, stop the vehicle to investigate.

A series of algorithms is used by the technology to help number plate identification.

  • Plate localisation finds and isolates the number plate in order to capture an image
  • Plate orientation and sizing compensates for any skewing of the plate in the image and adjusts relative dimensions
  • Character segmentation locates each character on the number plate
  • Optical character recognition identifies each character
  • Syntactical/Geometrical analysis character checking and positioning in sequence in relation to country-specific rules and norms.

Once the number plate image has been captured, and analysed against various databases including police records, a readout is sent to the police officers so that any necessary action can be taken.

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Automated Licence Plate Recognition

Automated Licence Plate Recognition technology is used for law enforcement and other purposes. In British Columbia, police agencies use ALPR to remove unlawful drivers from the road and to identify Motor Vehicle Act infractions and criminal activity that may otherwise go undetected. B.C. RCMP Traffic Services manages and delivers the ALPR program for all police agencies using the technology in B.C.

The ALPR program was started in B.C. as a pilot project of the RCMP and Police Services Division Road Safety Unit. ALPR supports auto crime reduction, and identifies unlicenced or uninsured drivers as well as drivers prohibited or suspended under the Motor Vehicle Act or Criminal Code. These drivers pose a significant risk to the public as they are disproportionally represented in serious collisions.

The ALPR system uses infrared colour cameras and special software to read licence plates at a rate of up to 3,000 per hour. The cameras are mounted on police vehicles and scan licence plates on parked or moving vehicles. The scans are compared with the ALPR hot list, which is generated daily from Insurance Corporation of B.C. and Canadian Police Information Centre databases.

When a licence plate scan does not yield a hit, data about the plate is deleted from the ALPR system at the end of the officers shift. The only data that are saved are the date, time and GPS coordinates, which are kept for statistical purposes.

  • Unlicenced drivers

Enemy Number One: The Motor Insurance Database

HOW IT WORKS: License Plate Readers

The motor insurance database is the main weapon. Every single car insurance policy is listed on here, and the police check it around 2500 times every hour to investigate suspected offences. Whenever a car insurance policy is bought in the UK the insurer has to enter the data onto the MID this can take anything between a few hours and a few days, but not only the fact that a policy has been bought is entered, but a note is also put on if the policy is cancelled or lapses because of non-payment by the customer. This means that police officers have the insurance records of every car at their fingertips. You may feel that you are safe provided that you are not stopped and checked by the police, but this is not the case you have the ANPR cameras to content with as well!

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How To Find Out If Someone Has Auto Insurance Coverage

Having the correct auto insurance information is essential for you and for everyone involved if you are in a collision. Learn more about auto insurance and how to find out if someone has auto insurance coverage.

Having the correct auto insurance information is essential for you and for everyone involved if you are in a collision. Learn more about auto insurance and how to find out if someone has auto insurance coverage.

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Why Is Driving Without Insurance Bad

Driving without insurance may not seem that big a deal, but that is only until something bad happens. By bad we mean when they are hurt in an accident, their car is damaged, or they cause damage to another person, car, or property.

Most people only get bit by lack of insurance when they have an accident in their car or if someone damages their car. Without insurance, nothing can be done about it legally, and they cannot claim from anyone to fix the damage.

In some states, even if a person is catastrophically injured through the fault of another driver, if either party is without insurance they cannot make a lawsuit claim. This is thanks to strict stipulations in insurance law in some states. For example, if the other driver is at fault, some states will refuse compensation altogether. One example of this is in one of the Southern States. In Louisiana, you would not get any compensation, regardless of whether it was the other drivers fault.

They are very strict about driving without insurance. In other states, you may get some compensation but you will likely be very limited. If you are at fault, the situation can quickly become very serious. You may be classed as a high risk driver, even if you have never had an offense before. This may hinder your ability to get insurance in the future which could, in turn, stop you from ever driving.

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Automated License Plate Readers

Automated license plate readers are high-speed, computer-controlled camera systems that are typically mounted on street poles, streetlights, highway overpasses, mobile trailers, or attached to police squad cars. ALPRs automatically capture all license plate numbers that come into view, along with the location, date, and time. The data, which includes photographs of the vehicle and sometimes its driver and passengers, is then uploaded to a central server.

Vendors say that the information collected can be used by police to find out where a plate has been in the past, to determine whether a vehicle was at the scene of a crime, to identify travel patterns, and even to discover vehicles that may be associated with each other. Law enforcement agencies can choose to agencies.

Taken in the aggregate, ALPR data can paint an intimate portrait of a drivers life and even chill First Amendment protected activity. ALPR technology can be used to target drivers who visit sensitive places such as health centers, immigration clinics, gun shops, union halls, protests, or centers of religious worship.

Automated license plate readers can be broadly divided into two categories.

Stationary ALPR cameras

These are installed in a fixed location, such as a traffic light, a telephone pole, the entrance of a facility, or a freeway exit ramp. These cameras generally capture only vehicles in motion that pass within view.

Mobile ALPR cameras

ALPR Databases


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