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How Much Do Police Handcuffs Cost

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Asp Pentagon 2 Pawl Security Handcuff Key

Rochester, N.Y. Police Release Body Cam Footage After 9-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed, Pepper Sprayed


ASP Pentagon handcuff keys are the most durable security handcuff key in the industry, they withstand the rigors of long term duty use. Conventional keys are stamped from mild steel.They often break or twist off in a handcuff. These “Key jammed” restraints create civil liability and must be destroyed to cut them from the subject’s wrist.Precis…

Ultimat Defence Neoprene Cuff Guard Training Gloves

Requirement : Permission From Your Employer

The licence or permit holder must receive written approval from their employer before they can purchase, posses, carry, or use a baton as part of their job. Employees are responsible for providing their employers with evidence that they have completed the relevant training.

Employers or business licence holders are responsible for determining whether it is appropriate for their staff to use a baton at work.

Employers are also responsible for checking that their employees have completed the relevant training at an approved security training organisation.

Licensing and Regulation Division does not require notification of an individual licence holder’s competency or evidence of permission to use batons when at work, however, employers must be able to produce a copy of an employee’s competency certificate and permission document on request.

What Are The Best Handcuffs On The Market Today

If you’re a law enforcement officer, a good pair of handcuffs is an essential tool you need to do your job of apprehending suspected criminals.

Depending on the specifics of your job and department, there may come a time when you need to choose a pair for your own use, such as if you want to supplement or replace your issued cuffs or if you are required to furnish your own.

No matter the situation, there are a few main types of handcuffs that you’ll want to know about. After taking some time to look at these, we will move on to some specific models to consider before making your decision.

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Top 15 Best Police Handcuffs Reviews 2021

Selecting the best police handcuffs must be a primary job of any law enforcement officers. Click here for the list up to 15 top ones for making your smart purchase!

There is no denying that almost all professions need essential tools for completing tasks successfully. For law enforcement officers, a pair of best police handcuffs plays a vital role in handling a specific mission relating to criminals.

Just imagine that these bad guys can escape from the officers reach if handcuffs are suddenly broken or too loose. In some cases, this causes dangerous risks for officers and their colleagues. As a result, this job nearly contributes to all of societys safety choosing handcuffs is a must-have job with concern.

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Best for Heavy Duty: VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Hinged Handcuffs

Heavy-duty materials, good quality, working well, a real deal, professional-grade

Safe design, like a real thing, sturdy & lightweight, lots of lovely colors

Best Police Handcuffs Comparison Chart

How Much Do High

There are quite lots of pieces of important information regarding why to buy a particular product. This below best police handcuffs comparison chart will provide you with the main features to make a final decision in a summarized form to make it easier and more focused.

In this way, you can take a quick look at it firstly or review it after consulting other sections at your options.

Best Police Handcuffs
Colors Black

As illustrated by the name of a brand called ASP, their police handcuffs are the best overall for advances in restraint design in the world valued by many consumers. Overcoming others, that model is one of them to represent the quality of material, fantastic construction, and very smooth operation. It is also the right choice for law enforcement officers, police officers, and security guards.

First and foremost, this pair of handcuffs is made up of high-strength stainless steel, which is the best material for durability and protection from rust or corrosion. Besides, no sharp or rough edges combined with black ordnance grade polymer for frame make it ergonomic and safer for both officers and subjects. The steel bow works well for even larger or smaller wrists with incredible speed and precision without injury.

Purchasing that model, you should keep in mind of choosing its pouch for holding on duty. This is explained that almost all pouches on the market are not fit with that handcuffs having a quite bigger size.


Colors Black


Colors 2 options


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Are Hinged Handcuffs Better

There is some debate as to whether hinged handcuffs are better than their counterparts, chained cuffs.

Both designs have an array of positive features, although some LEOs certainly prefer hinged designs.

I have found hinged cuffs allow for better stability and control over suspects, but they are also likely to cause injury.

On the other hand, chained cuffs are a little more challenging to use for adequate leverage in intense situations.

They are slightly more comfortable for subjects, which can make them more compliant when being detained.

Best Handcuffs Of : Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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As a police officer, you know that the best handcuffs are essential for protecting yourself and your subjects.

You will have a far more efficient time making arrests, all while ensuring your suspects cant tamper with their restraints.

Fortunately, there are several different cuffs to consider coming from top-tier worldwide brands.

I have personally tried and tested these handcuffs, and I vouch for the reliability of each pair.

Smith & Wesson makes some of the best handcuffs for police with their spectacular quality and workmanship.

The Model 100 Standard Chain Handcuffs are a phenomenal option for LEOs searching for easy-to-use cuffs.

There are also a couple of extra features that make them one of the best choices.

Product Highlights

With chain-style handcuffs, you can ensure your subjects have limited mobility without harm.

They have slightly more give than hinged handcuffs but still ensure arrestees are safe and secure.

These cuffs come with two separate keys, which allows you to lock and unlock the cuffs easily.

One of the more unique aspects of these cuffs is that they have a key-actuated lock and a double locking system.

This ensures the cuffs wont ratchet independently, causing significant pain to your suspect.

Those arrested wont be able to ratchet the cuffs, forcing you to spend more time taking them off and reapplying them.

Even though the Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chain Handcuffs give a little more mobility, it is not enough to be concerning.



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Where To Buy Handcuffs For Law Enforcement Officers

There are quite a few places where you can buy handcuffs, but we recommend Amazon for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s a massive brand and the most trusted name in online retail, and they allow a multitude of sellers to use their marketplace, which allows them to offer the lowest prices.

Second, due to its massive popularity you can find a wide variety of reviews from real LEOs and other users who have tried the products to see what’s likely to be the best police handcuffs for your needs.

What Brand Of Handcuffs Do Police Use

How To Pick Police Regulation Handcuffs 3 (THREE) Methods, Eddini.

Hiatt folding handcuffsIn the UK, undercover police have been known to use these covertly. They are roughly one and a half times the price of normal handcuffs. After Hiatt ceased its business, its successor Total Control Handcuffs continued to produce this model as the TCH 850 Folding Rigid Handcuffs.

Secondly, is it illegal to own handcuffs? Answer: Although it is not illegal to purchase or own handcuffs, you may be opening yourself up to criminal and civil liability by using them without proper justification. Unlawful use of handcuffs could result in criminal charges such as kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment.

Also, do police handcuffs have the same key?

Most handcuffs today in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Latin America can be opened with the same key. Maximum security handcuffs need special keys. Handcuff keys usually do not work with thumbcuffs. The Cuff Lock handcuff key padlock uses this same standard key.

What are police handcuffs made of?

While used by some in law enforcement it was never popular. Handcuffs may be manufactured from various metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, or from synthetic polymers.

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Dress Up Police Handcuffs


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National Regulations Regarding Depiction Of Handcuffed People

In Japan, if someone is or filmed while handcuffed, their hands have to be pixelated if it is used on TV or in the newspapers. This is because Kazuyoshi Miura, who had been arrested on suspicion of the murder of his wife, brought a successful case to court arguing that being pictured in handcuffs implied guilt, and had prejudiced the trial.

Similarly, in France, a law prohibits media from airing images of people in handcuffs, or otherwise restrained, before they have been convicted by a court.

In Hong Kong, people being arrested and led away in handcuffs are usually given the chance by the policemen to have their heads covered by a black cloth bag.

In Sri Lanka, women are generally not handcuffed by the police.

The High Court in Windhoek, Namibia, prohibited in mid July 2020 the use of handcuffs under any circumstances, as it violates the constitution.

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Police Equipment Law Enforcement Gun Care Gun Holsters

23Find yourself in need of a good pair of handcuffs? We have many different styles below for you to choose from, including disposable restraints, traditional cuffs, thumb cuffs, and more. Our handcuffs all come with a set of keys, and for those who have cuffs and have lost their keys, we also sell items like our universal handcuff key for your every cuff-opening need. If youre shopping around for a good pair of handcuffs, make us your number one stop.

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Are Vipertek Handcuffs Good

Sheriff Badge And Handcuffs Stock Photo

Vipertek is a relatively new brand on the market, and some of their cuffs have boomed in popularity.

They have modern engineering with convenient features for law enforcement, but some lack the rigidity you need.

It is always important to confirm your cuffs build-quality to decide if they should be your primary or secondary solution.

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Chained Handcuffs Police Handcuffs & Hinged Handcuffs

In certain situations, it is necessary for police officers to restrain an assailant or suspect. Restraining a suspect is important for the safety of the officer, bystanders and the suspect themselves. When needing to restrict a suspects movement, law enforcement officers utilize chained handcuffs, hinged handcuffs and even rigid steel handcuffs.

Galls is proud to offer an extensive selection of police handcuffs. Our handcuffs are available in a variety of materials, stainless steel, carbon steel and carbon nitride. Not only do we have more than 35 styles of handcuffs to choose from, we carry double lock handcuffs, nickel finish handcuffs and Blue Line Chain Cuffs, to name a few.

Ultimat Defence Neoprene Cuff Guard Training Gloves


The Ultimat Defence cuff guard training glove is made from quality neoprene and features reinforcement padding over key pressure points on the wrist. They are an invaluable aid for teaching all handcuffing techniques.Key FeaturesColour: BlackSold in pairsFully washableManufactured from quality neopreneFeatures reinforcement padding over …

Smith & Wesson 1840 Chain Restraints Belt – Nickel

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Conditions For Using Body Armour

Only certain licences and permits enable a person to purchase, possess, carry, or use body armour whilst working in the private security industry. Security licence holders with the sub-activities of security guard or bodyguard are covered under a Governor in Council Exemption to use body armour for lawful employment.

While Licensing and Regulation Division does not need to be notified of your use of body armour when at work, a member of Victoria Police may request persons wearing body armour to demonstrate that the below requirements have been met.

A person must be able to demonstrate both of the following two requirements in order to work with body armour.

Chained Vs Hinged Handcuffs

Police Officer Arrested After Throwing Handcuffed Man In Jail Police Brutality

Chained handcuffs are held together by a short chain. The other major type, hinged, are considered to be stronger as they allow less movement than chained handcuffs.

This will usually be more painful for a subject being cuffed, but many LEOs report that it gives them much more control, so they can be ideal for disagreeable or potentially dangerous subjects.

For this and other reasons, many officers carry a pair of both types in their bag to use in different situations.

There is also a third type: rigid handcuffs which have a solid bar, but these are heavier and more cumbersome to carry, although a variation is used by many police departments in the United Kingdom and some other areas.

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Smith & Wesson 1840 Chain Restraints Belt


The Smith & Wesson Model 1840 Chain Restraints Belt features a 60″ steel chain with a large steel link to accommodate standard and oversized handcuffs.Requires only a padlock and a pair of handcuffs to create a quick and easy secure belly chain. Smith & Wesson is a handcuff and leg Iron manufacturer proven worldwide as a leader in handc…

Smith & Wesson 1850 Transport Restraints – Nickel

Accessories For Your Handcuffs

We also carry a variety of handcuff accessories like handcuff keys. Most keys that come with handcuffs are too small to use efficiently and are easy to lose. With multiple handcuff keys, you always have one when you need it. We carry different types of keys, so theres something that fits every officers needs.

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Handcuff Materials: What Are They Made Of

Smith and Wesson Handcuffs Model 100

With handcuffs, as with many other products, the quality of materials had a big say in which models are the best on the market.

In general, handcuffs are made out of one of a few types of metal, especially steels such as carbon or stainless steel or aluminum.

Some synthetic materials are also used and these can still be high quality as well. You’ll also encounter plastic handcuffs, but these are lighter duty, cheaper and suited for specific situations.

This might include something like a large raid in which a much larger number of pairs of handcuffs may be needed for the amount of suspects you’re bringing in.

This variety of cuffs does have some drawbacks, however for one, they can’t be loosened so they have to be cut off and disposed of after use.

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Buy From Online Our Handcuff Store

We offer different types of products and users can choose from a large number of options. The products that we offer include Schrade Stainless handcuff, Virtue Thumb cuffs Chrome, Ultra Force Black Professional Detective Handcuffs, Smith And Wesson Hinged Black Handcuff, Ultra Force Deluxe Leather Handcuff Case, Schrade Handcuff Double Lock Black, Schrade Professionals Handcuff Key, Ultra Force Thumb cuffs, Ultra Force Yellow Smith And Wesson Linked Handcuff, Ultra Force Clip On Universal Handcuff Key and many more. We also offer FREE shipping facility for orders above $99.

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