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Where To Buy Police Equipment

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One Stop Shop For All Riot Control Equipment

5 Investment Quality Pieces of POLICE GEAR

Our riot shields are masterfully designed to protect your vital areas with a strong, durable and lightweight construction combined with a high quality foam backing that adds comfort and support to the carrier while engaged in riot control. For more than 20 years, Security Pro USA has been source for riot and public safety needs. Using our vast experience and expertise, our knowledgeable representatives are dedicated to offering you innovative and personalized protective solutions for riot control.

How To Get Free Police Equipment

Whether you’re a member of the military seeking to obtain equipment to supplement the gear you’ve been issued by your branch of the armed services or you’re a security company in need of police-issue arms and supplies that are no longer being used, there are a number of avenues open to you. Your aims and ambitions are likely to be the criteria by which those in a position to give or donate items will determine your eligibility. But if you make an effort to contact likely sources and plead your case for a legitimate cause, you may just hit pay dirt.

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Police K

Before welcoming a K-9 vendor representative to your station or visiting with a rep at a tradeshow make sure you are able to answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the K-9?
  • What environment will the K-9 be utilized in?
  • What did the trainer recommend for equipment?
  • Where should we procure equipment?
  • How much and what do we need?
  • What type of vehicle will be allotted for the K-9 team?

Do you have any other suggestions for officers purchasing Police K-9 equipment or police K-9 training equipment? Please leave a comment below or email with your feedback.

PoliceOne K-9 Contributor Jerry Bradshaw contributed to this article.

This article, originally published July 21, 2009, has been updated

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Consider Available Avenues For Purchasing Equipment

Once you have decided to purchase equipment it is important to consider your source for procurement. There are many options for equipment requisition for individual officers all the way up to entire unit or department purchases. Whether you are a local law enforcement organization or a large state or federal agency there are many contractual vehicles available for purchasing K-9 Equipment.

Individual companies like Ray Allen are available to source anything from vehicle inserts to collapsible water bowls. In finding a K-9 vendor, you should look for high-quality products, a good guarantee, and a competitive price when comparing comparable items with other vendors. For example, a collar that is single-layered leather, poorly made, will not hold up as well as one that is stitched and double-layered, with good hardware. Just think of comparing apples to apples.

Police Uniforms Security Uniforms & Stationwear

Simba Police Equipment in Carry Case

Many professions require specific types of uniforms and duty gear. The type of pants, shirts, jackets and footwear required depends on whether you are in law enforcement, public safety or a first responder. For more than 50 years Galls has been serving law enforcement, security, military, and public safety professionals with their uniform needs. Galls uniforms the public service sector with uniforms that command respect, incorporate innovative fabric solutions, increase function and beat out the competition in value pricing.

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Choosing The Right Self

Whether you’re a law enforcement official or simply looking for a reliable form of self-defence, our wide offering of batons ensures you get the safety and protection you need. Gorilla Surplus offers a variety of batons for sale, so it is important to know before buying how to choose the right baton for you.

Police Gear & Uniforms

Respond to the call in quality public safety uniforms, duty gear, holsters, badges, footwear, body armor, flashlights and more. Galls has served law enforcement officers and been a trusted partner for nearly 50 years committed by providing innovative and feature-rich gear that ensures safety and preparedness while on duty or off. We offer the industry’s leading brands including 5.11, Bates, Blackinton, Point Blank, Safariland, Smith & Wesson, Streamlight, Under Armour and hundreds more.

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Carbon Steel Aluminum Alloy Or Wooden

Most self-defence batons today are made from steel but other variations in aluminum alloy and wood are also produced. Carbon steel batons are the most durable of baton types and are less likely to break due to their high fatigue strength. Batons made with aluminum alloy are more lightweight compared to steel batons, making them easier to carry and swiftly deploy.

Police Supplies And Equipment For Police And Security Forces

Grandview to buy new gear for police, fire departments with renewed sales tax

MC Products has over 30 years experience in the field of manufacturing equipment and ‘kit’ bags, with a proven reputation in the Police, Security and Prison sector. Working closely with operational Police Officers, our in-house design facilities are constantly developing and improving products for covert and overt Police operations. The MC Products PROTEC range of uniformed accessories is indicative of today’s modern police force. With many improved features including the latest in materials and fittings, the products are robust and hard-wearing meeting today’s demanding environment. The key to our success is innovation, and to this end the company has recently pioneered the covert shoulder holsters, radio holsters and modular system designed for undercover operations.

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Expandable Batons: A Hidden Surprise

The most popular type of batons, expandable or telescopic batons, are composed of telescoping inner shafts that lock when fully extended. Their collapsible ability allows for easy carry and concealment. A swift deployment of an extendable baton is an effective tactic to intimidate and ward off threats. Most telescoping batons use friction to lock in place but there are also ASP batons for sale like the ASP Talon Expandable Steel Baton that use a disc-locking system for a comparably securer baton lock-up.

Your Online Tactical Store

LA Police Gear is a trusted tactical store for all your gear needs. Whether youre a soldier, officer, or civilian, we have a wide selection of police equipment, tactical clothing, first aid kits, and more to make sure youre prepared and protected every day. We were founded by cops for cops, so you can feel confident that every purchase from our collection has the quality you need with the functionality you expect.

When you need tactical police gear you can count on, look no further than your favorites from LAPG. Youll find high-quality police equipment for the job as well as gear designed for a strenuous outdoor excursion. LA Police Gear is your tactical store for boots, shirts, pants, and more.

Check out our closeouts for unbeatable prices on police tactical gear,accessories, and more! We bring our customers high-quality products at affordable prices so you can always have the gear you need. Browse the collection today to find the best deals on the best gear!

At LAPG, our tactical store is filled with the latest gear you need to be protected from head to toe and performing your best. We were founded by cops for cops, so you can trust that our police equipment, tactical gear, and more will fulfill whatever your needs are. From uniform attire to hiking gear, youll find high-quality gear from brands you trust.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Gear

At LA Police Gear, weve developed a full line of tactical police boots, clothing, bags, a variety of first aid kits, and other important items to help you be your best on the job. Your gear should keep you safe and protected from the elements, and every item at LAPG is designed for optimal performance. Our collection of mens and womens police boots are used by officers across the country because you deserve quality.

Whether you need headlamps and flashlights for an emergency kit youll keep in your car or youre upgrading your uniform, the team at LA Police gear to have what you need. Shop now!

Your Police Uniform Store

Warrior Rack Guardian

We have been serving law enforcement units and professionals since 1990 and to that point we are the largest supplier of cordovan brown basket weave duty gear and brown sheriff uniforms.

Whether you need law enforcement tactical gear, a brown police uniform, a navy or black uniform, a sheriff uniform, basket weave duty belt, police campaign hat, Safariland mag pouch or EMS uniforms, youll find tons of options to meet your uniform requirements and preferences.

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Ascertain What The End Use Of The Team Will Be

If your K-9 team is a dual-purpose team with tracking capabilities, they will need to focus on bite work, detection, as well as tracking. If its a single-purpose narcotics team, then the equipment list is greatly reduced. Make sure before heading down the path of purchasing equipment that you know what is needed.

How To Start And Fund A Police K

With the mentality of trying to do more with less, police K-9 teams are being used more widely now than ever before, as a K-9 team can accomplish more than an individual officer. A varying set of tasks meet the K-9 teams with most being broken down into detection or scent work, patrol or aggression control, and violence deterrence at public demonstrations. With this need for dogs comes a need for the proper equipment for training and utilization. Just like an officer who learns a task, K-9 training is a perishable skill. A dog is a conditioned-response animal that has to be taught a specific skill set to be successful on the street. Therein lays the need for specific police K-9 equipment

Below are listed some key points in what to look for when researching and obtaining K-9 equipment.

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Billy Clubs: Batter Up

Apart from retractable nightsticks, at Gorilla Surplus we also carry police billy clubs for sale. The term billy club stems from the Victorian Era to describe the truncheons carried by London police officers. Billy club weapons are often covered in leather and are used as bludgeoning impact hand weapons by military forces and security personnel.

Consult With The Police K

Police use GPS to find stolen Milwaukee construction equipment in Walworth County

A frustrating point from a trainer and handler standpoint is not having the right equipment to make a dog reliable on the street. Getting a K-9 to find drugs or explosives, to track and protect the handler is harder than the average supervisor would imagine. The list of stories of K-9s that failed to perform is long and well documented. Usually, a lack of proper training or utilization is to blame.

One factor of poor training is improper/lack of equipment. If a little time is spent with the department trainer or the vendor who is selling the K-9, much money can be saved, through making a better initial purchase. Your trainer should be a subject matter expert in this area or you should find a new trainer. On that same note, dont expect a green handler to know what he needs to perform his mission before the K-9 officer gets to K-9 school.

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The Brands And Quality You Need

LAPG is an authorized dealer for many trusted and top-ranked brands. In addition to our in-house brand, youll find top products from 5.11 Tactical, Streamlight and Surefire Flashlights, Safariland and Blackhawk Holsters, Condor, and many more.

LAPG also manufactures a head-to-toe line of police tactical gear which is half the cost of name brands. We make everything from tactical pants and boots to police duty polos, jackets, and plate carriers. If you want top-quality tactical apparel items at half the price you usually pay, check out our LA Police Gear brand section.

Police Uniforms & Equipment

In the field of public safety, law enforcement officers are faced with a unique set of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, they require an abundance of quality law enforcement gear that they can depend on as well as crisp uniforms that wont damage easily. Here at Galls, we do just that and more. From patrol/active-duty officers to corrections and SWAT teams, Galls has all the police gear needed to complete those grueling tasks.Galls only carries premium brands to ensure a high-quality selection of police uniforms and equipment. These brands include LawPro, 5.11 Tactical, ASP, Propper, High Speed Gear, Safariland and much more.

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Your Dedicated Resource For Law Enforcement Equipment

At Curtis Blue Line we believe in delivering law enforcement and tactical products and services in a way that exemplifies our core values of Quality, Service, Integrity and Caring. Outstanding customer service is a top priority for every team member.

We consider our customers as partners, and endeavor to establish long-term relationships based on education, quality law enforcement products and services, and ethical behavior.

Whenever the call comes, you respond selflessly with focus, and determination. You educate and train so that when the time comes, you will be ready.

We are dedicated and committed to providing you with high quality, integrity and service in every interaction.

We care about our customers, our team members, our suppliers and our communities we have been this way since 1929.

How may we support you?

Handcuff & Restraint Accessories

26 best police gear stand images on Pinterest

Handcuff accessories are available to help you on the job. Handcuff key holders, like the Zak Tool Tactical Key Ring Holder, keep your handcuff key organized and easily accessible. Plastic handcuff cutters make it easy to quickly remove disposable restraints. Handcuff fittings help secure and restrain suspects with smaller wrists. Supplemental chain and belt combos add work with handcuffs and leg cuffs for enhanced security and safety.

Galls carries restraint accessories from the most trusted brands of public safety equipment providers, including Safariland, Maxpedition, Zak Tool and ASP.

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Straightsticks And Fixed Batons: The Straight And Narrow

Before collapsible batons were developed, police batons were once simply straight fixed-length sticks. With no telescoping parts or screws and buttons to worry about, straight batons are the most reliable and durable form of protection you will have at hand. At Gorilla Surplus, we have straightsticks like the Cold Steel Police Baton that carries out the traditional simplicity of the original police baton.

Baton Length: How Long Is Too Long

The standard baton length used by uniformed officers is usually in the 21 inch to 26 inch range. In New York, the police historically used batons of different lengths depending on if it was day or night. Day-sticks were 11 inches in length, while night-sticks were longer at 26 inches to provide extra protection with its extended length. For the average citizen, a smaller expandable baton would be enough for home use.

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About Self Defense Police Equipment

The Home Security Superstore has one of the widest selections of tactical police gear on the web. Offering all kinds of police equipment, from pepper foggers to handcuffs, youll find everything you need for a fully-stocked self-defense arsenal from trusted brands like Streetwise and Smith and Wesson.

All our police supplies are enforcement-grade meaning theyre widely used by real uniformed police officers. If they can trust our expandable batons to hold up and our pepper spray guns to stop criminals in their tracks, shouldnt you? Whether youre looking to beef up your own collection of self-defense products or youre an officer or security guard searching for high-quality, low-priced law enforcement gear, youve come to the right place. Weve got everything you need to feel safe on the job and ready for what comes next!

In addition to tactical police products like nightsticks and pepper spray we also offer a wide array of products designed to give you the look and feel of a professional. Badges, handcuffs, and tactical flashlights go a long way towards convincing criminals to steer clear of your property and your personno one wants to mess with an authority! Shop The Home Superstore for all your durable, affordable police gear today!

Police Protection Equipment Riot Gear For Police And Law And Enforcement Agencies

Council wants to approve military-grade equipment before police buy

Security Pro USA carries the best crowd and riot equipment that meets the quality standards required by law enforcement. Our riot gear is designed to protect police officers from blunt force trauma, hard blows and penetration from sharp objects. We also carry items to protect police officers from fire and other hazardous chemical compounds. Our riot gear has also passed the rigorous standards of our most elite law enforcement agencies for quality, operational flexibility, protection area, energy absorbency, and fire resistance.

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Police Badges & Uniform Accessories

The police badge is easily one of the first parts of the police uniform to be noticed. It not only portrays a symbol of authority but also acts as a deterrent against potential crime.Galls has a wide selection of police badges including the sheriff badge and insignia to identify police ranks, stock badges, morale patches, emblems and police officer uniform accessories. On top of that, the Galls uniform program offers customizable badges as well as silk screening and embroidery options.

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